Premiere Pro: a first beta for Mac M1

Apple kicked off the Apple Silicon chips last month, presenting three exceptional machines: the Mac Mini M1 , the MacBook Air M1 and the MacBook Pro M1 , which has been with me for several weeks and therefore the test awaits you at this address .

These three machines have in common that they carry the same chip, the very first of the Apple Silicon family: the M1. A powerful, energy-efficient chip that rivals the biggest Intel processors.

Premiere Pro: a first beta for Mac M1
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Only downside, all the applications are still far from managing it and Premiere Pro was precisely part of the software that did not use it. It was therefore imperative to turn to Rosetta 2 to turn the tool, with mixed results on large treatments.

Premiere Pro: a first beta for M1 chips

Adobe has obviously not been idle since: the publisher has indeed announced the launch of the beta version of Premiere Pro M1.

Be careful, however, not to rush, because the proposed version is still far from being able to equal the Intel version of the software. It is indeed limited to its basic functions and it will therefore be avoided in production. Concretely, therefore, it includes basic editing functions, tools focused on colo, graphics and audio, but also functions related to multicam. However, it lacks many video and audio effects, but also device control preferences and animation models created in After Effects. Ditto for the library panel.

It goes without saying, but this version does not support effects and plugins from third-party editors.

If Adobe has limited itself so much, it is for the sake of doing well. On his forum , the publisher explains that he opted for a slower process in order to be able to validate each tool and each function. The idea is of course to avoid bugs as much as possible – and if you edit your videos in Premiere Pro, then you should certainly know that the Intel version is far from devoid of it.

Adobe stuck to the basics

Concretely, therefore, this version is intended mainly for the curious, and more generally for all those who want to see how Premiere Pro behaves on a Mac under M1 chip.

As for the final version, it is obviously not about to land. Adobe intends to finalize it for next year. Unfortunately, for the time being, the publisher has not advanced any date.

Note that Premiere Pro is not the only one to have the right to a beta compatible with the M1 chip. Adobe also offers one for Premiere Rush and Auditon. But then again, it will be better not to use these versions for your productions.

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