Prince of Persia remake (maligned) delayed, announces Ubisoft

Ubisoft shines around the world thanks to franchises like Rainbow Six, Asassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, etc. But the French studio has created many other licenses, in previous decades, which keep a special place in the hearts of players .

We immediately think of Rayman, emblem of French society, or Sam Fincher with Splinter Cell, and his effective proposal in terms of infiltration. But one of the most cult franchises obviously remains Prince of Persia, which directly inspired Assassin's Creed with its parkour. A franchise whose first episode was entitled to the announcement of its remake , very recently.

Prince of Persia remake (maligned) delayed, announces Ubisoft

Credit: Ubisoft

A game unfortunately rejected by the players. As with Halo Infinite, they judge that the graphics and artistic direction are not worthy of our generation of consoles . A criticism that must have pushed Ubisoft to take drastic measures since Prince of Persia is pushed back.

Prince of Persia will not arrive until 2021 on our consoles, announces Ubisoft

It's a safe bet that Pune, an Indian studio to which Ubisoft has decided to delegate this remake, has had the straps go up. The reception of the Prince of Persia remake was very cold, not to say icy. The result is a postponement of the game, even if Ubisoft does not specify the exact reasons. We imagine that Pune will review certain things, in particular at the level of the artistic direction considered as dated.

In a tweet, Ubisoft expresses itself about this with the official Prince of Persia account. The studio explains that “ 2020 has not been a very easy year. Today, we want to communicate to you our desire to take the time to complete the game. The release date of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake has been postponed to March 18, 2021. ”.

In this press release, Ubisoft therefore speaks of the pandemic as the main reason. We imagine that COVID-19 also has its role in this delay: it is not easy to fully advance a game when developers are working at home, without the necessary tools.

The Prince of Persia remake will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / Series S and PC consoles.

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