Project Spartan is coming to Windows 10!

Good news for tile eaters, Microsoft has just rolled out a new build for the Technical Preview of Windows 10 , less than two weeks after the last update! Not bad, and the best is yet to come because the latter finally brings a great novelty, which can be summed up in just two words: Project Spartan . This is no joke, you will be able to test the company's new browser now.

By tackling the development of the new version of its operating system, Redmond has effectively chosen to turn the page once and for all, by shedding its old browser.

Project Spartan Is Coming To Windows 10

Cortana is going to have a role to play in Spartan too.

If Internet Explorer 11 will be present on the system, its role will be confined to ensuring the compatibility of old applications. It will no longer be highlighted and it will not benefit from any improvement.

Project Spartan will therefore take its continuation. To seduce Internet users, the latter will put the small dishes in the big ones and if it will be entitled to a new interface more sober, lighter and more in adequacy with the new visual identity of the firm, it will also propose several intelligent tools for improve the user experience.

Cortana, annotations and a bonus reading mode

The most important of all concerns the integration of Cortana, of course. The Internet user will thus be able to control his browser by voice and obtain contextual information depending on the site he is visiting. If it is on a restaurant page, for example, the assistant will be quite able to display the contact details and the establishment map in the sidebar.

We must also count on the presence of an annotation tool very similar to what OneNote offers. It will allow the Internet user to retrieve elements of the pages, to annotate them and all that using their keyboard or a stylus. These items can then be shared with friends or collaborators, or saved in OneDrive.

Third novelty and not the least, Project Spartan also includes a reading mode capable of fetching the content of articles and isolating them from the rest of the page. Backup functions are also integrated, to allow us to access all our content later. Not sure that this makes publishers happy, however; this mode also removes advertising from sites.

In addition, Microsoft's new web browser also features a new rendering engine that is faster, more secure and more reliable. It is not me who is saying it, but the firm itself. We will have to wait for the first feedback to know if these promises are kept.

I have already started updating my virtual machine. I can't wait to get my hands on Spartan. Not you ?

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