Project Spartan now has its name: Microsoft Edge

Microsoft held a conference last night to present its latest advances, and its latest news. The publisher took the opportunity to unveil the name of its new browser.

Project Spartan will not ultimately be the final name of the tool. We suspected it a little, of course, but we now have confirmation. The company has opted for a slightly different name, but heavy with meaning: Microsoft Edge .

Project Spartan Now Has Its Name Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge side panels.

If you are not very comfortable with the language of The Beattles, then be aware that this term can be translated in different ways. It all depends on the context, but it is often used to refer to the edge of a blade or the edge of an object. Obviously difficult not to have a moving thought for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Microsoft Edge will ship with Windows 10

Either way, Microsoft Edge will succeed Internet Explorer and will thus be integrated into Windows 10.

Its characteristics and particularities have been known for a long time, but it is intended to be simpler, more refined and above all more respectful of W3C standards.

It also integrates several interesting functions and while it is able to extract the content of an article or a page to help us focus on it, it also gives pride of place to Cortana.

In a few clicks, we will be able to obtain information on a place or a restaurant, without having to open a new tab. The same goes for calculating routes and all the functions specific to the assistant.

Not bad, and we will also have to rely on a complete editor that will allow us to annotate our favorite sites. Students and researchers should appreciate the attention.

Spartan has been available for some time on the Technical Preview and I had the opportunity to take a brief look at it last week. I admit to having been quite seduced but I am waiting for the release of the final version of Windows 10 to pursue my investigations further.

Update: It should also be noted that Edge will be able to run extensions, and it will also be compatible with the tools developed for Chrome and Firefox.

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