Pursue 2020 Doterra.com in 2021

Pursue 2020 Doterra Com

Doterra was created for 2020 to share essential oils of the highest quality with the rest of the world. A community of health care and business experts has seen for themselves the amazing benefits of making this project a reality.

Pursue 2020 Doterra Com 1Pursue 2020 Doterra.com

Their use of these vital tools. Their name was doTERRA, a Latin derivative which means “the gift of the earth.”

Pursue 2020 Doterra.com

PURSUE 2020 is still our greatest success! This event enables us literally to come together in a way that has been never done before, so we are naming the conference “connexion” this year.

Pursue 2020 Doterra Com 2

As a doTERRA family – a family that is too large for any convention center, regardless of its dimension – we can interact.

Experience exciting updates, intensive product training, and insights into doTERRA ‘s future! Moreover, until October 31st, 2020, you can go back and check the submissions!


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