Qualcomm acquires chipmaker Nuvia for $ 1.4 billion

In 2019, three former Apple employees joined forces to create Nuvia , a start-up now specializing in the development of chips for servers. This did not fail to attract the attention of Qualcomm , the American giant in mobile technology, more particularly microprocessors for mobiles.

We therefore recently learned that Qualcomm offered the start-up Nuvia for the modest sum of $ 1.4 billion . An acquisition that can only make Qualcomm's business grow. Indeed, thanks to Nuvia's know-how, the development of the giant's future chips will take a new turn.

Qualcomm Acquires Chipmaker Nuvia For 1 4 Billion

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However, it should be noted that this recent acquisition may not be very popular with the apple brand, which has already filed a complaint against Gerard Williams III , one of the founders of Nuvia. The latter would indeed have encouraged Apple employees to leave the box to work at Nuvia.

Blessed bread for Qualcomm and its microprocessors

Just like the computer microprocessors called Apple Silicon that Apple has recently launched on the market, those from Nuvia are based on ARM technology , a 32-bit and 64-bit RISC type external architecture. But it is also the materials that Nuvia uses to create its products, such as the use of silicon , that make this start-up stand out.

And thanks to this acquisition, while it already supplies chips based on ARM technology to Microsoft and Samsung, Qualcomm will be able to better compete with Apple. In fact, Qualcomm said in a press release that the acquisition of Nuvia will allow its products to fully comply with 5G requirements.

It should be noted that Nuvia's technology will not only be used for the development of smartphones, but also for that of voice assistants for cars and even for the establishment of networks and communication infrastructures.

Apple will have to worry about this acquisition

Coming to Apple's complaint against Gerard Williams III, who accused him of intellectual property theft, so far there has been no follow-up. However, with the turn of events, there is a risk that the file will emerge on the table. Especially since the founders of Nuvia have confirmed that their employees (many of whom worked at Apple) will integrate Qualcomm.

That aside, Qualcomm said in the statement addressing the acquisition of Nuvia that this collaboration will benefit various technology firms, such as Microsoft, Asus and many others. Indeed, the Nuvia acquisition will allow Qualcomm to develop chips as efficient as those of Apple , which are currently considered to be the best on the market.

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