Qualcomm introduced a new underscreen fingerprint reader

CES 2021 will not be entitled to a physical edition, pandemic requires, but the announcements, they will answer the call. Even as our mailbox is filling up with dozens and dozens of press releases, it is an email sent by Qualcomm that catches our attention this morning: the electronics giant has indeed just unveiled a new fingerprint reader.

It will not have escaped your extraordinary observation mind, but screen fingerprint readers have become considerably more democratic in recent years.

Qualcomm introduced a new underscreen fingerprint reader
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They now equip most smartphones produced by our manufacturers and they are no longer even limited to their flagships. Even mid-range smartphones offer it.

Qualcomm 3D Sensor Gen 2, a faster and more efficient fingerprint reader

Qualcomm being at the origin of most of these readers, each announcement of the manufacturer therefore arouses obvious interest from the media and enthusiasts. The same goes for the last model presented by him.

The Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2, that's its name, is more efficient than the previous generation. According to information provided by Samsung, this famous reader will indeed offer 77% more surface to facilitate the identification process.

Being larger, this new fingerprint reader will also be a little more flexible and we will not have to be as precise as with the current generation. This should translate into increased user comfort, but also faster identification.

The reader of the future Galaxy S21?

And precisely, since we are talking about it, Qualcomm also indicates in its press release that its new fingerprint reader will be 50% faster than the previous generation.

Among the other advantages mentioned, we can also mention the fact that the reader will be able to capture 1.7x more biometric data and that it will only be 0.2mm thick.

Still according to Qualcomm, this new fingerprint reader will be used from the start of the year. It is therefore quite possible that the Galaxy S21 will play this card, but we will have to wait until January 14 to make sure.

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