Razer Blade Stealth gets a makeover

The Razer Blade Stealth gets a makeover and this time focuses on a sober design. Like appearance, technical setup has been improved to make it easier to run power-hungry software and games.

Known for its flashy aesthetic, the first Blade Stealth featured a design that was supposed to make playing video games easier. Although this is the case, it must be said that the product had a rather modest technical configuration given the requirements of the titles of the time. The old Razer Blade Stealth was therefore adopted more by nomadic workers than by gamers.

Razer Blade Stealth Gets A Makeover

But it must be said that Razer has always been aware of the potential of its 13-inch ultrabook. The famous computer company is trying to win over buyers again by giving the product a facelift.

As the Geek's Journal reports, Razer has just announced the new Blade Stealth. Unlike the previous model which adopted fluorescent colors, it offers a much more sober design.

An aluminum frame

Admittedly, the chassis becomes more angular compared to that of the old version, but it is still aluminum in order to give the Blade Stealth a nice finish. Needless to say, this material also ensures lightness and strength. The logo, like the frame, adopts a black color.

So that we can enjoy a unique color, the keyboard is now devoid of varied RGB lighting. Moreover, compared to the previous version, the new Blade Stealth offers a larger screen with a gain of 60% on the thickness of the edges of the panel.

Two models to choose from

To better meet everyone's needs, Razer has offered the Blade Stealth in two versions. There is in particular a basic model as well as another called "graphic design". The main difference between the two variants concerns the graphics rendering.

Indeed, the “graphics” model incorporates an MX 150 graphics card with a dedicated memory of 4 GB. Regarding the standard version of the ultrabook, it has an Intel HD Graphics chip.

Offered from € 1,500, the base model of the new Blade Stealth incorporates a processor similar to that of the “graphics” variant. However, due to its supposedly higher performance, the latter has a selling price of € 1,700.

Both versions have an eighth-generation i7 processor for this purpose. In addition, there is RAM of up to 16 GB and SSD storage of 256 GB. Buyers should be able to choose between a 4K and Full HD display.

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