Redo your network with TP-Link promos on Amazon

Amazon has thought of everyone whose home network is showing signs of weakness. The brand indeed offers many discounts on TP-Link products. Like the Deco M4, for example, or the brand's WiFi repeater and its Ethernet switches.

Better yet, the discounts granted are substantial and they will allow you to make substantial savings. Note further that Amazon will be responsible for selling and shipping all of these products, products that support Amazon Prime benefits.

These offers are all offered within the limits of available stocks. They can therefore be suspended at any time without notice.

TP-Link Deco M4 (x3) at a knockdown price

Redo Your Network With Tp Link Promos On Amazon
The TP-Link Deco M4

This is undoubtedly the big piece of this selection. The pack comprising three Deco M4s from TP-Link is offered at € 116 at Amazon instead of € 159, a reduction of around 26% .

In this pack, you will find no less than three boxes. The first will be to connect to your box and the other two will have to be placed where your WiFi does not reach. The kit will allow you to drastically extend the range of your network thanks to WiFi Mesh. At most, the Deco M4s will thus be able to cover no less than 320 square meters, with speeds that will reach 1200 Mbps.

The kit is compatible with all boxes and you will also have a lot of cool options to configure, options that will allow you, for example, to deploy parental controls on the entire network.

The TP-Link router and WiFi repeater at a knockdown price

Redo Your Network With Tp Link Promos On Amazon 1
The TP-Link Router

Then you have two cool specials on the brand's router and repeater. The first is offered at € 49.90 instead of € 79 and the second at € 44.90 instead of € 60 .

The TP-Link Router comes – quite logically – to join the family of routers and it will be able to deploy 802.11 ac WiFi throughout the house, with no less than 5 Gigabit ports as a bonus and MU-MIMO.

As a bonus, it offers lots of cool features like a full parental control system and the Smart Connect function which allows the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to be merged.

The repeater, for its part, will allow you to once again extend the range of your WiFi network. It also has the particularity of supporting all boxes and embedding an Ethernet port that will allow you to connect it to an Internet Switch.

A mess of Ethernet switches

Redo Your Network With Tp Link Promos On Amazon 2
An Ethernet Switch

Finally, TP-Link and Amazon also offer great discounts on the brand's Ethernet switches. Here, you will also have the choice between several ports and you can go from 4 or 5 ports to 8.

Note that some of these switches also include QoS, which allows better management of traffic priority.

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