Resident Evil Village: Key Info Leaked After Capcom Hacked

Capcom has been able to restore the image of Resident Evil, a video game franchise in distress since episode 5. With its new approach, Resident Evil 7 has seduced players around the world, while the Japanese studio has reinjected elements from previous opus – a large mansion with puzzles, little ammunition and enemies, the obligation to go through some places. And after the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, also hailed, Capcom has lifted the veil on Resident Evil Village. This is the eighth episode of the main plot, directly following the seventh. The player plays Ethan again, this time lost in the middle of an unwelcoming mountain village

But unfortunately for Resident Evil Village fans, spoilers will have to be avoided, as on the sidelines of the release of a certain Cyberpunk 2077.

Resident Evil Village: Key Info Leaked After Capcom Hacked

Credit: Capcom

Capcom victim of a hack , several sensitive information on Resident Evil Village appeared on the web.

Capcom refused to pay ransom to hackers

It's a disaster for Capcom, but also the players who will have to avoid spoilers by its release, in 2021, on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / Series S. Key information from Resident Evil Village has been stolen from Capcom , victim of a hack. From now on, several videos of the game circulate on the web . We would find important moments of Resident Evil Village but, more dramatic, its end cutscene … Will Capcom modify the latter to preserve the surprise of the players? Difficult to know.

But that's not all since the full plot is now known , and therefore the reason for the return of Chris Redfield or Ethan, who clearly returns to hell after saving his girlfriend's life in Resident Evil 7.

At first, the hackers demanded a ransom from Capcom so as not to reveal the stolen files on the web. Faced with the refusal of the Japanese studio, the hackers carried out their threat.

For Resident Evil aficionados, bad news. Capcom did not want to give in to the blackmail of the pirates, it will be necessary for them to be very careful for several months to avoid spoilers. Unless the studio decides to change everything!

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