Return to the Montauk Monster

On July 12, 2008, the inhabitants of Montauk, New York (United States), made a strange and frightening discovery to say the least. The latter were confronted with the lifeless body of a hairless animal with a "dinosaur beak." His remains were found on the shore of Ditch Plains beach.

This animal did not resemble any species known to date. He inherited the name "Montauk monster." The photo of his carcass has gone viral. The media took hold of the story and several theories began to emerge on the web. Some have said that it could be the remains of a dog, a pig, a raccoon or even a turtle that has lost its shell. Others claimed it was the product of an experiment gone awry.

Return To The Montauk Monster

Photo by Fabian Wiktor from Pexels

Until today, no one has been able to determine the true nature of this strange animal. When experts visited to find out more, the body of the Montauk monster was already missing.

Remains that have disappeared without a trace

The Montauk Monster was discovered by three friends named Jenna Hewitt, Rachel Goldberg and Courtney Fruin. Jenna took a photo of the animal and posted it on the Internet. The plotters were quick to say that this was the result of a scientific experiment carried out at the Plum Island Disease Center, located not far away.

Other sources said it was a marketing campaign to start a show on Cartoon Network. Loren Coleman, the director of the International Museum of Cryptozoology, visited the site to find out. Unfortunately, when he arrived, the animal was no longer there.

The mystery remains whole

According to locals, the Montauk monster has completely decomposed. Jenna Hewitt added that all that was left was her bones and skull. According to his statements, a man would have recovered the carcass of the animal to bury it near his home. She refused to reveal the identity of this individual.

Its nature still divides experts. William Wise, director of the Living Marine Resource Institute at Stony Brook University, believes it was a coyote or dog that “stayed in the sea for a long time. ” Loren Coleman, meanwhile , rather thinks it was a raccoon.

Since the carcass of the Montauk monster has never been able to be examined, all of this remains only speculation.

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