Review about Redragon Dark Avenger


Review about Redragon Dark Avenger

Benefits of Redragon Dark Avenger:

The minimalist design, with 87 buttons, takes up less space on the table.

The light sets can be chosen by the user from 9 predetermined modules, each key being illuminated by an LED.

The durable and robust construction uses a resistant alloy of ABS and metal.

There is no shortage of multimedia keys for shortcuts.

The buttons have a precise answer, with anti-ghosting, so that when pressed repeatedly there are no conflicts.


Like most mechanical keyboard models, there are small problems, in this case the specific metallic noise, produced when the stabilizers come into contact with the plastic, when the buttons are pressed, which is annoying, especially when the object is used at night, such as and the possibility of the keys locking after a short time of use.


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