Review and advices about Akai ABTS-11B


Review and advices about Akai ABTS-11B

Benefits of Akai ABTS-11B:

The sound is quality, with a strong bass and a large frequency range.

It has an SD card slot and a USB stick and is equipped with Bluetooth and FM Radio.

The buttons are intuitive and easy to access.

To make it easier to transport, you also include a belt.

It can be charged with any MicroUSB charger and offers a range of up to 8 hours.


If you are interested in suchportable speakers from Akai , you must take into account the fact that when the music is played via Bluetooth, the connection may suffer (especially if you do not respect the range of 10 meters), and the sound does not it will always be clear, if the device on which you use this technology has a version older than 4.0.


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