Review and advices about Mio MiVue C325


Review and advices about Mio MiVue C325

Advantages :

It is among the models of car video cameras with built-in display.

The camera is controlled by touch buttons, right side.

He can shoot pretty well in the dark.

Film smoothly in HD resolution, even when driving fast.

It has a horizontal angle of 140 degrees, suitable for any situation.

It starts and stops automatically, only when the key is in contact.


You cannot lower the shooting resolution, so you will need to equip the camera with a card of at least 16 GB.



It has its own screen, easy to watch and small, on which you can see the angle at which the camera shoots. At the same time, the small display does not overload the windshield, taking up quite a bit of space on board and not affecting the attention on the road. Its diagonal, about 6 centimeters, places it among the compact models in the dashcam range.

Review and advices about Mio MiVue C325

You can walk to the camera controls with great ease, just operating from the touch menu, each button being easy to find and see. This method of controlling the camera is very popular among drivers of all kinds. The menu icons are clear and delimited and easily understood. Therefore, they will be easily activated even by drivers who are always on the lookout for traffic while driving.

Driving at night is decent, for this model, or in other low light conditions. There are cameras that respond better to that situation, but its reviews said that it can record well enough to be able to identify, on files, the registration numbers of other cars.

Its resolution is decent, although it does not reach Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), and as a framerate, it offers up to 30 frames per second. Therefore, if you want to know the registration number of the cars on the opposite direction during a registration, the image quality will allow this.

The shooting angle, for car on-board cameras, should be as high as possible, at least 100-110 degrees. With the gadget shown here, it reaches the right threshold to see everything clearly – 140 degrees. This means that few details will escape the sensor when it comes to the front of your vehicle.

Some drivers are more forgetful and forget to turn on or off cameras or other gadgets. In this model, the start and stop are done automatically, when you turn the key in contact, so you will not have to take care of it and the car battery will not be consumed, in case of an open look.


Reviews say that this model from Mio Mivue is a good camera , at least at its price. Overall, it has many advantages and high sales can be said to be proof of its quality. It works very well in most road situations, and we recommend it as a model for beginners, especially.


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