Review Asboator robot Symbo xBot 5 PRO WiFi + mop

Robot vacuum cleaners are no longer a novelty. These are a real help at home, save time and are more and more efficient. There are hundreds of models on the market that successfully replace the classic vacuum cleaner and the mop.

Review Asboator Robot Symbo Xbot 5 Pro Wifi Mop Today I will present the Symbo xBot 5 PRO WiFi + mop robot vacuum cleaner, a high-performance model that, in addition to the suction function, also has the wipe function (mop).

Specifications Symbo xBot 5 PRO WiFi + mop :

  • Smart navigation GYRO
  • Suitable for hard floors but also short carpets
  • Equipped with 2 long brushes to suck efficiently even in corners
  • Two-level filtration: primary filter and filter with HEPA design
  • 6 cleaning modes – Auto, Along Walls, Local, Double, Max, Random
  • High suction power, also suitable for cleaning animal hair
  • Water wiping, electronically controlled water pump
  • Magnetic tape for delimiting spaces
  • Wi-Fi and application control
  • High capacity Li-Ion battery
  • Operating time up to 100 minutes on a single charge
  • Height of only 79 mm

The Symbo xBot 5 PRO WiFi + mop robot vacuum cleaner can be found in Romania at and at the moment the price is 1399 Lei.

What the package contains

The Symbo xBot 5 PRO WiFi + mop package is quite generous: in addition to the robot and the charging station, it also has a 2-in-1 container (for dirt and water), 2 mop cloths, remote control, 3 replacement HEPA filters, 2 side brushes replacement, magnetic tape (1 m), 1 brush for cleaning filters, 2 AAA batteries and of course, the user manual.

Appearance and operation Symbo xBot 5 PRO WiFi + mop

Elegant, it has a height of only 7.9 cm which allows it to clean efficiently in hard to reach places, such as under sofas or cabinets.

Review Asboator Robot Symbo Xbot 5 Pro Wifi Mop 1

As the name suggests, this robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled via the Symbo Home Blue application on a smartphone or tablet, via a wifi connection.

The front has 2 long brushes, which allow cleaning even in the corners of the rooms and also helps to clean along the walls. In practice, it works by sweeping dirt in the middle of the vacuum cleaner, where it is picked up by a large spiral brush made of bristles and rubber blades, the dirt is then vacuumed.

Symbo xBot 5 PRO has 6 cleaning modes:

  • Auto: using navigation the robot automatically cleans to systematically cover the entire room
  • Along the walls: the robot focuses on cleaning along the walls and in the corners
  • Local: the robot cleans an area of approximately 2 x 2 meters
  • Double: in this way, the robot sucks the space 2 times
  • Max: in this way, the robot increases its power and uses Smart GYRO navigation
  • Random: the robot moves randomly without using navigation

The suction power is high, so it effectively removes dirt and can easily vacuum even short-carpeted carpets.

Review Asboator Robot Symbo Xbot 5 Pro Wifi Mop 2

The 2-in-1 container is used for both vacuuming and wiping. Symbo xBot 5 PRO wipes the floor with a microfiber cloth, which is constantly moistened by the water tank. Humidification is actively controlled by an electronically controlled water pump, which shuts off the water if necessary and there is no risk of wetting the floor. Moreover, Symbo xBot 5 PRO can vacuum and wipe at the same time , being one of the few devices on the market that offers this benefit.

Symbo xBot 5 PRO is equipped with a double filter (primary filter and HEPA filter). The Hepa filter captures fine dust, dust mites or animal allergens and the primary filter prevents clogging of the HEPA filter, providing efficient cleaning.

Symbo xBot 5 PRO is equipped with infrared sensors that prevent it from falling down stairs or other high places. In the package you will also find a magnetic tape, with a length of 1 m, which you can use to define the areas where you do not want to move / clean the robot.

Review Asboator Robot Symbo Xbot 5 Pro Wifi Mop 3

The manufacturer declares an operating time of up to 100 minutes. When the battery is discharged or after cleaning Symbo xBot 5 PRO will return to the charging station itself to charge.

Control with the application

Review Asboator Robot Symbo Xbot 5 Pro Wifi Mop 4 The Symbo xBot 5 PRO robot vacuum cleaner can be easily controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet using the Symbo Home Blue application. The application can be downloaded either through Google Play or Apple App Store.

Using the Symbo Home Blue app, you can also move the robot manually with the arrows, change the cleaning modes, set the cleaning schedule, set the container water pump flow, monitor the map of the cleaned area, view statistics, receive error messages and set other functions.


Personally I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Symbo xBot 5 PRO WiFi + mop robot vacuum cleaner! Multiple cleaning modes, mop function, well-structured Symbo Home Blue application, low noise (60 decibels even at high suction power), replacement accessories. From my point of view, the price / quality ratio is very good!

Now at you can buy the robot vacuum cleaner Symbo xBot 5 PRO WiFi + mop with a super Black Friday discount!

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