Review built-in electric oven Gorenje Ora-Ito BO 87ORAB

Review Built In Electric Oven Gorenje Ora Ito Bo 87orab

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The Gorenje Ora-Ito BO 87ORAB oven , with a capacity of 60 liters, is the subject of our review today, coming with a complete set of premium features , which can be found in the price, as well as various advantages in terms of energy consumption. which will be detailed below.

It should be noted that this model can be found on various sites with a capacity of either 60 liters, in our case, or 65 liters. Notice to potential buyers who go through the specifications and live with the impression that they are dealing with another oven model.

Unique functions for a premium experience

Gorenje Ora-Ito BO 87ORAB is a high quality oven, a first signal in this respect being transmitted through the touch control display. DirecTOUCH , because it is about, provides no more and no less than 3 steps necessary to cook the desired dish, namely: turning on the oven, selecting the symbol for the type of food you have chosen and, finally, simply pressing of the START button. You will find in the DirecTOUCH electronic module a complete palette of preset programs, which means that you have the possibility to choose the optimal heating solution; also, among other things, you can adjust the cooking temperature, but also the period in which you want the dish to be ready.

Review Built In Electric Oven Gorenje Ora Ito Bo 87orab 2

The symbols found in DirecTOUCH stand out for their simplicity and, implicitly, for their intuition. In other words, although it seems quite sophisticated at first glance, the oven model proposed by the Slovenian manufacturer can be used both by those familiar with touchscreen technology and by, say, ordinary housewives with classic buttons, located in general on the front panel.

It is good to know, among other things, that DirecTOUCH helps us to adjust the cooking parameters on the go. The cooking time, the heating elements, the initially set temperature or the meat probe are elements that can be "directed" with the help of this innovative electronic module. Moreover, the oven can store the settings along the way, and you will be exempted in the future to resort to the additional steps required in the first phase. Once you have been successful with a certain recipe by calling various parameters, the latter will be entered in the oven memory and used at a later date.

If there are children around, it is recommended to block this feature offered by the Gorenje Ora-Ito BO 87ORAB oven . Easy to perform operation, reproduced in the user manual of this appliance so useful in our households.

Review Built In Electric Oven Gorenje Ora Ito Bo 87orab 3 The perfect crust can be obtained with PerfectGrill! Depending on the preparation you choose to make, Gorenje Ora-Ito BO 87ORAB assures us from the very beginning that we will always have a uniform baking.

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Top endowments and accessories

The XXL deep tray will surely conquer those who are used to cooking homemade bread daily (or at least a few times a week), but also other delicious dishes, such as Italian specialties (see lasagna) or various sweets, something healthier than those found commercially. According to the manufacturer's specifications, the tray measures 5 cm in depth and is enameled with EcoClean enamel. EcoClean is synonymous with very easy cleaning directly at the sink faucet, no need for dishwashing detergent or other harmful products. In addition, the oven enclosure will not collect much dirt, as is quite common with other cheap models.

Review Built In Electric Oven Gorenje Ora Ito Bo 87orab 4 Another safety element, besides the easy locking of the oven door , is the endowment of the oven with extensible telescopic guides . The handling of the cooking trays will soon be available to any member of the family, regardless of age!

Although standard equipment for the category of ovens we refer to, extensible telescopic guides are not present in other existing models on the market. We are referring, of course, to the cheaper models. However, the extendable telescopic guides can brilliantly accompany any oven launched under the Gorenje brand.

Another advantage of this model – the temperature probe . Or, better said, the sensor that will help us check the level of food preparation. The temperature probe is the one that will send us when the food is only good to put on the table!

We also take into account the CoolDoors (CD) feature of the Gorenje Ora-Ito BO 87ORAB oven , which denotes at the same time energy efficiency, but also increased safety for those who come into contact with it. Those who will research the market, clicking on even more expensive models, will certainly come across ovens equipped with UltraCoolDoors (UCD) – a triple layer that increases the performance of the oven. As I said, this way you avoid the burns that occur when you come in contact with a hot door!

Premium self-cleaning for a special oven

Review Built In Electric Oven Gorenje Ora Ito Bo 87orab 5 In the end we chose to talk about the AquaClean option, a feature present in the Premium and Exclusive ranges of the Slovenes from Gorenje. According to the user manual, a small amount of water (half a liter) is enough for the Gorenje Ora-Ito BO 87ORAB to look like new in about half an hour. Pour the water into the tray, insert the tray into the oven and start the Aqua Clean function. The steam wave that will cover the walls of the oven will immediately work on the hardened dirt, leaving you with nothing else but to clean it with a dry cloth. Everything in an environmentally friendly way, so without resorting to handcuffs to cleaning chemicals and other such wonders.


In conclusion, whether you want to change your kitchen appliances or you only need a high-performance electric oven , Gorenje offers an efficient solution, with low energy consumption, special functions such as: LED display, AquaClean program, manual cooking modes and food processor, UltraCoolDoors glass door for efficient baking and fire protection and a roomy enamelled baking tray, suitable for any type of preparation.

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