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Review Of The Whirlpool Acm 816 Ba

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From the range of smart appliances, today we have chosen for you the Whirlpool ACM 816 BA induction hob . The reasons why we decided on this appliance remain to be discovered in the following lines!

At a time when we are increasingly concerned about the time dedicated to cooking and, in general, any other activity that must be supported after a day of work, it is easy to understand why we opted for a hob that is equally efficient, intelligent and attractive in terms of aesthetically. Imagine that it only takes 3 minutes for the water to reach boiling point , compared to the 7 minutes needed for classic stoves. As a guide, induction hobs move 3 times better than glass ceramic hobs .

Reviews about Whirlpool ACM 816 BA induction hob

The modern look of the hob produced by the American manufacturer is rendered through the elegance of black glass and the presence of the Touch Control feature. In addition to the two details taken into account above, somewhat generally valid for induction hobs, in fact, Whirlpool ACM 816 BA was equipped with 4 burners – small burner, large burner consisting of a double eye and 2 other normal burners.

Pans, pots, kettles, sa, all have their place here! The whole tableware, including the cooking trays, if we were to stop on the eye with rounded shapes. The cooking power of these meshes is between 1.8-2.2 kW.

At the same time, induction hobs become extremely useful in homes that have not been connected to the gas network. The induction technology is very much appreciated at the moment among the specialists and it is gaining more ground every day to the detriment of the classic solutions.

With the help of an induction hob you will rarely be put in the situation of burning food. It is enough to follow the recipe exactly, setting the cooking time (via timer), and you will always have the results you expect. Food cooked in a safe and healthy environment , everything being cooked in record time!

The Whirlpool ACM 816 BA hob will not respond to children's commands when activating the special system created for such situations. It has also been equipped with an indicator of residual heat of great use in situations when you want to use it even though it has been closed. The total consumption of the hob will thus become more efficient.

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Design and dimensions

An innovative appliance that surprises with its simplicity and elegance . The controls of this hob have been arranged in the front for easy use . In the middle of the panel we find over the "+" and "-" buttons by means of which it will be possible to set the induction power, framed by other buttons designated for each cooking zone .

As an aspect, the engineers went for the idea of a totally asymmetrical design , accompanied by unconventional markings. If the burners on the left side of the hob have been marked in a circular shape with the help of dotted lines, in the opposite plane we come across a rectangle with rounded corners.

Although the edges of the hob have some shades of dark gray, the color of this model is glossy black. It weighs a little over 12 kg , weight compared to the following dimensions 5.6 x 58 x 51 cm.

Review Of The Whirlpool Acm 816 Ba 2

Functions and options

The Flexi Zone function becomes useful in situations when you want to turn those cooking zones into one. Large vessels (oval or rectangular) will easily find their place here. The arsenal of the Whirlpool ACM 816 BA induction hob also includes a Booster system , which, as the name suggests, brings that much-needed addition when time doesn't allow you to spend hours in the kitchen. The performance of the hob will increase accordingly (by about 50%, say the manufacturers), and you will be able to enjoy the preparation in just a few minutes. The Booster function , available for all 4 meshes, represents at the same time a characteristic strictly necessary for any quality product on this bearing, of the induction hobs.

The washing and maintenance of the hob is very easy, given that the American manufacturer opted for Schott Glass when making this model. We are talking about the most environmentally friendly glass material , easy to wash and which does not contain toxic metals.

Energetic efficiency

When it comes to electricity consumption , you don't have to worry. Induction hobs have a low consumption in terms of insignificant heat loss. The heat is practically produced directly in the cooking pot. Pots, on the other hand, will be an extra investment when you decide it's time to enjoy the qualities of an induction hob like Whirlpool ACM 816 BA .

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