Review Hood KÜGERR D 100 – 90cm – power and elegance

Review Hood Kugerr D 100 90cm Power And Elegance

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Our comfort in the kitchen is one of the topics we set out to achieve at some point, which is why, thanks to the KÜGERR D 100 – 90cm hood , we will point out here everything that is important in the review dedicated to this type of appliance. home appliance. Despite the general impression that the Romanian home appliance market would provide us with many types of kitchen hoods, well, the situation on the ground is completely different.

Types of kitchen hoods

From the point of view of the operating principle, you have the possibility to purchase the following types of hoods : filter kitchen hood, exhaust hood kitchen hood and mixed kitchen hood.

KÜGERR D kitchen hood D 100 – 90cm is a wall hood, the most common type of hood , given that the market also offers ceiling hoods (or island hoods), built-in ceiling hood, built-in hood in the hanging cabinet, mountable hood under hanging cabinet, vertical hood (downdraft), reverse hood, multifunctional hoods, etc.

The dimensions of the kitchen hood

A first thing to keep in mind when shopping for such an appliance is to consider the size of the cooking appliance . As a guide, an extra 5-10 cm on each side of the kitchen hood should be enough to prevent you from experiencing problems at the time of installation. If you opt for an island hood, on the other hand, its dimensions must be much larger. The lack of side surfaces makes it impossible to direct the gases in the upper part of the hood, hence this preventive measure.

Absorption power

Review Hood Kugerr D 100 90cm Power And Elegance 2 The absorption power of the KÜGERR D 100 – 90cm kitchen hood is 983 m3 / h (cubic meters of air per hour) . Specialists recommend that the power of the hood be at least 10 times higher than the volume of the room in which you cook. Therefore, open space kitchens will require hoods with a high ventilation capacity to ensure optimal air exchange. The hood, for example, will manage without problems in ventilating even a 20 sq m kitchen.

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Features and functionality

The KÜGERR D 100 – 90cm kitchen hood was equipped with 5 gears . Theoretically, the more speed control the hood has, the better. A powerful hood , used at a lower stage, will work more discreetly (quietly) than one at full capacity.

Another criterion that we must take into account is the noise level emitted by this appliance. The KÜGERR D 100 – 90cm kitchen hood starts at 31 dB and can reach up to 62 dB , depending on the stage of regulation of the absorption speed. Those who have had a noisy hood so far will definitely appreciate the qualities of this KÜGERR hood.

The KÜGERR D 100 – 90cm hood was equipped with a washable aluminum filter , which will be cleaned monthly using hot water and dishwashing detergent. This grease filter can also be inserted in the dishwasher, with the mention that we must be careful in handling it so as not to risk bending it. Other models of kitchen hoods are equipped with disposable filters , which involve extra money spent periodically. Unfortunately, the hood does not come bundled with a sensor that tells us when we should wash the filter. In fact, a feature of hotels in superior ranges.

Review Hood Kugerr D 100 90cm Power And Elegance 3 KÜGERR D 100 – 90cm has a single engine , whose warranty, according to the manufacturer's specifications, extends over a period of 5 years. The hood, on the other hand, has a 2-year warranty . There are also models with 2 engines, but it is good to know that this does not necessarily mean an advantage. The noise produced is often much louder in the case of hotels with 2 engines; also, the presence of 2 smaller engines leads to a higher degree of wear than in a hood powered by a single engine.

The weight of the KÜGERR D 100 – 90cm hood is 8 kg ( dimensions 900 x 547 x 222 mm), this being included in the energy class A + . The lighting is made with the help of two 20 W lamps , the control of this appliance made of stainless steel being at the disposal of a control panel equipped with buttons and electronic display.

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