Reviews about Razer Mamba elite wireless


Reviews about Razer Mamba elite wireless


It is a high-performance mouse, with a resolution of up to 16,000 dpi.

It works with a receiver that must be inserted into the computer, for the best possible signal.

The buttons are programmable and positioned so that they are easy to access.

If you need an even stronger signal, you can connect it by cable.

It fits well in terms of design, being made in an ergonomic way, with black color and RGB lighting on the logo and scroll wheel.


The autonomy that the manufacturer promises for this model is about 50 hours, but in practice, if you use it intensely and with the lighting on, it can last even less, which is unpleasant for people who do not want to use it. while it is charging.



ThisRazer mousesurprises from the start with the advantage of the fact that it has a very good resolution. This is 16,000 dpi, which means you can have a very high speed. To have the desired accuracy, this indicator can be adjusted. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a very pleasant gaming experience, finesse when working in graphic design programs or optimal operation when you simply waste time on the Internet.

Reviews about Razer Mamba elite wireless

In order to give you the best possible signal, this model connects to the computer with the help of a device that assumes the operation based on radio frequencies. It’s a much better option than Bluetooth, for example, because there are no interruptions or interference.

The receiver that makes the connection possible is small, and in order not to lose it when you don’t need it, you can keep it in a special space for it, on the back of the mouse.

Being a device suitable for gaming, this article is equipped with several buttons, so that you can easily and quickly have all kinds of functions. These are programmable, so that the options you have are the ones you want, not others designed as standard. They are positioned in a very useful way, so that you can access them easily and quickly every time you need.

Yes, this mouse is a wireless one, which you connect, as I said above through a receiver. But, if it doesn’t satisfy you, you can use the thread included in the package to have an even better signal. You can do this especially when you no longer have a battery and the battery is discharged and you do not want to wait because you do not have another spare mouse.

In this case we are talking about ablack Mambamouse, which is equipped with a side grip that makes it very comfortable. It is suitable for right-handers and, with dimensions of 125.7 x 43.2 x 70mm, it is recommended for those with a palm length of 19-20 cm. The pleasant appearance of this device is also improved by the presence of RGB lighting on the logo, but also on the scroll wheel.


Consider purchasing thiswireless mouse , if you do not want a common device, with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel, but a high-performance one with good resolution, seven programmable keys, connection via receiver, but also wire, rechargeable battery and a simple design , elegant and ergonomic, which will allow you to use it as comfortably as possible.


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