Reviews about Samsung T5 portable ssd


Reviews about Samsung T5 portable ssd

Benefits of Samsung T5 portable ssd:

Attractive design, small and very portable;

It has a very high transfer speed, which will greatly reduce the time dedicated to this operation;

Large storage capacity;

Ensures good data protection;


Although they are very durable and compact products, with a metal case, which you can take with you anywhere, theseSamsung external hard drives do not offer you protection from water and dust, so you must be careful in case it rains where you store them when you transport them. and keep them away from dust.



In case you need a hard drive that you can carry with you anywhere, then this model is a good choice. Due to its size, length of 7.4 cm, width of 5.73 cm and height of 1.05 cm, and weighing 51 grams, it can easily fit both in the shirt / pants pocket and in laptop backpack.

In addition, it has a metal case, black in color, with rounded edges, with a pleasant design, but also offers good protection against shocks and vibrations. The warranty offered by the manufacturer for individuals is 36 months.

Reviews about Samsung T5 portable ssd

For people who need to transfer large files this model is what they need, needing only a few seconds for a 1GB file. With diverse connectivity, it will fit both an older computer and newer models, but can be used and connected to a tablet or smartphone. In the package you have USB cable type A, USB 3.1 type C type 2, and USB cable C to USB C. The transfer speeds are very good reaching up to 540 MB per second for reading and 515 MB per second for writing.

It provides you with 2 TB of storage space, so that you can keep everything you think is relevant to you, without having to delete older files. Important documents, photo-video files, including 4K videos or high-resolution photos, can be quickly accessed and transferred.

Your data will be completely secure, the device being equipped with a hardware data encryption system, AES 256-bit, which can be unlocked only by entering the password. This way you are calm that no one can view the data you have except with your permission.

Conclusion about Samsung T5  ssd:

It is a product from the premium range, dedicated to users who need large storage capacities, speed of transfer and who need to be able to view their data from any device and to be able to work directly on the stored files.


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