Ridge wallet review

The Ridge Wallet, is a new kind minimalist wallet. Between the strong elastic and titanium plates, the Ridge Wallet keeps your cards well-organized and secure. The Ridge Wallet is a sleek, minimalist wallet made of durable materials for when you want a place to hold your cash and cards—and nothing else. The Ridge Wallet is a very slim wallet the size and shape of your credit card, made of either aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber. They range in prices depending on what material you get. The aluminum plates shield your cards from RFID attacks where criminals can steal credit card information using a scanner and waving it past your wallet


Ridge wallet review

The Ridge Wallet design

Designed to carry everything you need. The Ridge features a durable aluminum body, elastic straps that expand to hold up to 12 cards. The wallet also boasts RFID-blocking technology to keep tech-savvy thieves from accessing your bank accounts or stealing your identity. The titanium wallet comes in three different colorways: Burnt, Gunmetal, and Black. Your cards slide into the wallet at the top and can be accessed by pushing up on the cut out at the bottom. The back of the wallet is where you’ll find the cash strap or money clip. Another thing that makes The Ridge Wallet special is that it’s built to last a lifetime, not just a long time.

Using the Ridge

There are two options for cash: money clip or money strap. The Ridge is a completely different kind of wallet, so as you would expect, there is a learning curve. Take a few days to learn the wallet. Get used to how cards slide in and out when first loading the wallet. Slide the first card in half way. Slide each additional card in with halfway with it. That will make it easier to get all the cards in together. One-handed operation is possible but will take some time to get right

The real test is how the Ridge holds up to everyday use compared to a regular wallet. This would make an excellent gift for fathers day, Christmas, birthday or anniversary.

How does the Ridge wallet work?

The function is defined as expansion of the card compartmentmounting of metal plates to the inner track, and performance of money clips and strap. This includes the replacements of elastic, screws, money clip, and cash strap plate

Does the Ridge wallet scratch?

The Ridge Wallet can hold up to 12 cards, but somewhere around 5.

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