Russian justice bans several animated on its web including Death Note

Surely for fear that the youth will enter the name of the president in a certain notebook, the Russian justice has just banned several animated on the web. This concerns Death Note , Tokyo Ghoul and Inuyashiki . A decision actually motivated by the fear that young viewers try to reproduce the violent portrayal on the screen.

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, the Russian court in Saint Petersburg banned the broadcast, on certain platforms, of three Japanese cartoons: Death Note , Tokyo Ghoul and Inuyashiki . The verdict stems from the fear that young viewers might be tempted to reproduce in reality the acts depicted on their screens.

Russian justice bans several animated on its web including Death Note

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The district court, reports The Moscow Times , portrayed Death Note as an animated with a very aggressive visual for viewers: “Every episode contains cruelty, murder, violence” . It should be noted that during the trial, episodes were projected by the prosecution to support his point.

Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul and Inuyashiki now banned on Russian sites

On December 18, the same court declared that it had registered five lawsuits against no less than 49 websites distributing animated films. If state prosecutors had also asked for the heads of Naruto , Elfen Lied and Interspecies Reviewers , it is not yet known what will be done with these works.

The recently rendered court ruling involves banning the broadcast of Death Note and Inuyashiki on two sites, and that of Tokyo Ghoul on a third. Taking up the court's precision, the public press agency RIA Novosti indicated that these bans only concerned the sites cited.

The Meduza site nevertheless raises the question of whether Roskomnadzor, the Russian censorship agency, could interpret this verdict as a wider ban on Death Note , Tokyo Ghoul and Inuyashiki . Kotaku recalls that in 2013, as a result of the suicide of a 15-year-old girl who read Death Note , parents gathered to ask President Putin to ban the sale of this manga, which they thus considered detrimental to the youth.

During Wednesday's hearing, Oleg Erlikh, an expert from the prosecutor's office, said the Death Note anime was “potentially dangerous for a modern child” .