Samsung A50 review

It took a few decades ago but Samsung finally established a funding cellphone you ought to care about. Samsung A50 is among nine noteworthy Galaxy phones that Samsung introduced this year. Galaxy A50 delivers a whole lot of attributes that people really search for, and really is a fantastic all-rounder which may assist Samsung fight its rivals. The Samsung Galaxy A50 seems much like the Galaxy M10 and M20, but it’s some premium features. This Galaxy A50 is the embodiment of a fantastic budget cellphone.

It’s an evocative design using a gradient pattern in the trunk, the hardware is rock-solid, it includes the most recent edition of Android, an in-display fingerprint detector,three cameras in the rear, a50 headset plus a durable battery at an affordable price. This Samsung A50 is the least expensive phone of this lot, and it is one of the best choices to get a good Android cellphone under $400. This smartphone comes packaged with a high-capacity micromax a50 battery along with samsung 4g connectivity options. Material is in the rear is not glass, but with Samsung relying upon a plastic chassis to the A50. The actual improvements are in optimization and speed. Particularly on mobiles such as the A50 Much more striking than the A50’s rate, however, is its own battery.Spark Romance Love Kindle Book Cover Scaled

Samsung A50 Spec

Samsung has fitted with the A50 having an impressive 4,000mAh micromax a50 battery. The Galaxy A50 includes a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED FHD+ display. Samsung Galaxy A50 possess a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and includes the newest In-Ear Stereo a50 headset with Mic and Controls. On newspaper, the A50’s greatest attribute is its own camera, using an impressive variety that rivals the top phones in the industry. You will find 3 cameras in the back, using a 25MP main lens combined by an 8MP wide-angle shooter along with a 5MP thickness sensor. The ultra-wide-angle lens is definitely great to have. You can absolutely shoot solid images together with it. The samsung Galaxy A50 has become the most feature-rich budget cellphone Samsung has established so far.

Is Samsung a50 a good phone?

Samsung Galaxy A50 Bottom line. The Amoled display is outstanding, and the Exynos 9610 chipset can easily handle anything you throw at it. A50 is really nice phone with decent performance and nice one ui interface.
Is Samsung a50 waterproof?
Samsung a50 is not waterproof. The phone is IP68 Certified waterresistant.This is maybe the one deficiency on this new impressive budget phone


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