Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: focus on the quality


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with the latest version of the manufacturer's overlay. If you want to know a little more about the on-board functions and what they offer, then this focus should grab your attention.

This article is the fifth focus on the S6 Edge. It follows my handling, but also the posts devoted to its screen, its power and its photo module. It will also be the last on the list.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Focus On The

One of the Galaxy S6 Edge home screens.

Rest assured, however, a full test will be released in a few days.

It's no secret that Samsung's overlay has not always been unanimous. Far from it even since it has often been the target of very virulent criticism relating to its performance, its interface but also its functionalities.

An optimized overlay, with themes to personalize it

The South Korean giant wanted to wipe out the past with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The new version of Touchwiz therefore marks a break.

The first thing to know about it is that it has been optimized to consume as few resources as possible. It is therefore less greedy than the previous versions and this results in better performance but also in increased autonomy.

On the sidelines, Samsung also gave us a deliberately minimalist and stripped down interface. An interface giving pride of place to Material Design. If you don't like it, you should know that it will be quite possible to modify it using the themes utility.

You just have to go to the Korean store to download and install new creations. There are around 20 at the moment, but the list should grow quickly in the weeks and months to come.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Focus On The 1

The notification center.

Smart and thoughtful functions

In addition to all the specific functions specific to the curved screen of the terminal, there are a couple of nice things.

I am thinking in particular of the system allowing two applications to be placed side by side. It does not date from today, it is true, but it is nonetheless formidable and it can be very practical in some cases.

If it will be possible to access this mode through multitasking, we will also be able to perform a diagonal swipe from the upper left corner of the application to reduce it to a floating window. It will then be enough to move it to the upper or lower border to hang it at the top or bottom.

I really liked the “do not disturb” mode, too. It is full of options and allows you to fine-tune the operation of alerts and notifications.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Focus On The 2

The list of applications.

Well-designed native applications

The Galaxy S6 Edge comes with several native applications to help us manage our mailbox or even our calendars.

I fell in love with S Health and it's all the more ironic that I'm as athletic as my cats. The card system is really screwed up and we can quickly get track of our activity, of course, but also our heart rate or even our blood sugar levels.

The same goes for the application devoted to capturing still and moving images, which literally melted my love with its modular architecture.

I did not use the mail client, nor even the Samsung browser. It's probably a mistake on my part, but I find it very difficult to leave my comfort zone and turn away from Gmail and Chrome.

S Voice works quite well, for its part, but I find it less practical and less comprehensive than Cortana. I say it in my video but it is really this assistant that caught my eye the most so far.

In short, you will understand, this overlay is full of good ideas and I admit that it rather convinced me. And yet, at the base, I never carried Touchwiz in my heart.

We end with the video that goes well.