Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: focus on the screen

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been available for a few days in France. After having presented it through this grip , the time has come to get down to business and this article will thus focus on the terminal screen.

This is the first focus published on the S6 Edge. Others will follow in the days and weeks to come. The concept is quite simple, it is about shedding light on certain aspects of a product. While this article will focus exclusively on the phone screen, the others will target its processor, battery life, photo sensor and overlay.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Focus On The Screen

The Galaxy S6 Edge home screen.

A test will then be published, including the content of all the articles in the dossier. And as usual, if you have any questions or suggestions, the comments are there for that.

A little technique to start

If you no longer have its characteristics in mind, then know that the Galaxy S6 Edge is equipped with a Super AMOLED screen offering a diagonal of 5.1 inches. It is also able to display a QHD type definition, and therefore 2560 × 1440. This gives a pixel definition exceeding 575 ppi.

For comparison, the iPhone 6 offers a pixel density of 326 ppi with a 4.7-inch screen displaying a resolution of 1334 × 750. The Xperia Z3, for its part, climbs to 423 ppi.

Most people will tell you that a pixel density of 575 ppi is useless since the eye is not able to tell the difference anyway. They won't necessarily be wrong, but ultimately it all depends on the size and distance of the support.

For a phone held 25 centimeters from the eye, for example, the maximum threshold perceptible by the human eye is set at 300 dpi. If you want other examples, you can refer to the filepublished on Wikipedia.

But there is another important detail.

The Galaxy S6 Edge is compatible with the latest Gear VR introduced by Samsung during the last Mobile World Congress. You probably know it, but once placed in the helmet, its screen will be divided into two distinct areas. This also applies to its definition and pixel density.

With a Full HD panel, the frame of the images would be too visible.

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S6 Edge's screen gives pride of place to AMOLED. This technology is derived from OLED and TFT. I won't go into details, but these screens have several advantages over their competitors: they are devoid of backlighting and they usually consume less power while having a very short response time.

There is no technology better than another. It all really depends on individual tastes. What I can tell you, however, is that the Galaxy S6 Edge's screen is remarkable.

I had the opportunity to watch some videos (unfortunately compressed) in 4K and the screen is really very impressive, even if the colors seem a little less natural to me than those of the Z3 for example. Or more saturated, it depends.

The viewing angles are also very good and you don't have to be in front of the terminal to enjoy your videos, movies or series.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Focus On The Screen 1

The favorite contacts panel.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Focus On The Screen 2

This bubble appears in the event of a missed call.

A well-used curved screen

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is equipped with a curved screen continuing its course on the edges of the device. The effect is however a little less marked than on the Note Edge ( tested here ) and the panel thus stops a few millimeters before the frame of the phone.

Tastes and colors are indisputable but this feature still gives a nice look to the phone. It is more streamlined, more slender and it departs radically from what the competition offers.

And in hand, what does it give?

The sensation provided by the roundness of the screen is quite disconcerting at first glance. It effectively contrasts with the protuberance formed by the metal frame. However, the effect wears off quite quickly and you quickly feel at home.

Samsung has implemented several functions to allow us to make the most of the curves of this screen. If the user wishes, he can for example transform his S6 Edge into an alarm clock. The time will then be displayed all night on the edge of the device and it will remain visible in all circumstances.

Fun, but you also have to rely on side panels. Or rather on the flows since they are presented under this term. They unfortunately don't go as far as those of the Note Edge ( tested here ) but they can be very useful in some cases.

To activate them, the phone must be in standby. You will then have to slide your finger on the edge of the device. One way and the other. The alarm clock will then appear and we will only have to do vertical swipes to navigate within the sidebars.

By default, there are half a dozen. Some may show pending notifications. Others will raise the value of our stocks, or even the latest articles on Yahoo News. Twitter trends and sports results will have to be reckoned with.

Samsung offers three other streams to download from its store. The list should grow rapidly in the weeks and months to come.

The Galaxy S6 Edge also offers another interesting function, and more precisely a panel that can contain up to five favorite contacts. You just need to pull a small tab at the top, against the edge of the device, to reveal it. No need to go find the dialer to call the girlfriend, then.

Certainly, but there is something better because each contact will be associated with a particular color. When the phone is placed face down and one of these contacts tries to reach us, then we will see a colored halo appear and we will immediately know who is on the other end of the line.

In the event of a missed call, another tab will appear under the first one, in the color of the contact. You can pull it to display information about the call, with three bonus action buttons to call the correspondent, send him a text message or send him an email.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Focus On The Screen 3

The side panel system preferences.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Focus On The Screen 4

The screen is really curved.

I will stop there for now. The next focus will focus on the terminal processor, and on its autonomy.

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