Samsung Galaxy S7: how to activate the experimental functions?

Samsung has integrated into the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge a special menu referring to the brand's experimental functions. It is not very difficult to find but not everyone knows of its existence and it is a shame because it still contains some interesting surprises.

First of all, know that this famous menu is obviously not linked to the platform, but rather to the terminal. At present, it is thus only available on the S7 and its variation.

Samsung Galaxy S7 How To Activate The Experimental Functions

A secret menu is hidden in the overlay of the Galaxy S7 and its variation.

It is therefore not possible to enjoy it on the Galaxy S6 and we must admit that it is still quite regrettable.

Only available on the Galaxy S7 for the moment

Like all menus, this access is therefore found in the device settings. You will therefore have to start by opening them either by going through the notification center and tapping on the small wheel, or by going snooping in the drawer.

When this is done, scroll down to the options symbolized by orange buttons and simply tap on the menu titled “Advanced functions”. The terminal will take you to a new screen teeming with options of all kinds.

The one that interests you is at the very bottom of the page, of course.

It is indeed called “Galaxy Labs” and it will be necessary to start by activating it to be able to access the options it contains. When this is done, then you will see them appear one below the other.

At the moment, Samsung only offers two functions in its lab. The first is quite funny because it will allow you to remove the drawer and thus make all the shortcuts of your applications appear on the home screens, exactly like what iOS and some Chinese ROMS offer.

The second is not without interest either because it will allow you to take advantage of the speed dial. After activating it, all you have to do is hold down the home button and say the name of a contact to call them. No need to go through the dialer or the address book, therefore.

And then ? That's about it unfortunately but more options and functions should be added in the near future.

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