Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 would not launch alongside Galaxy S21

You might be disappointed if you expect the Galaxy Z Flip 2 to be unveiled with the Galaxy S21s next January. According to a new report spotted by Gsmarena , the foldable smartphone is not expected to land until the first quarter of 2021.

The new Galaxy S terminals would arrive earlier than usual next year. Concretely, the Galaxy S21 could make their debut in January 2021. A change that will undoubtedly delight fans. This year, in February, during the presentation of the Galaxy S20, Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip. A foldable smartphone which, unlike the Galaxy Fold, has the particularity of sporting a form factor more or less close to that of a flip phone. Due to the popularity of the range, it is obvious that Samsung plans to update it with a Galaxy Z Flip 2.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 would not launch alongside Galaxy S21

The Galaxy Z Flip 2 wouldn't arrive until March 2021 (Galaxy Z Flip Photo / SAMSUNG Credits)

Except contrary to what some of us might think, the Galaxy Z Flip 2 shouldn't arrive until March 2021.

Avoid cannibalization?

The information comes from the Korean media The Elec. While we don't know exactly why Samsung would have made such a move, rumors suggest that these staggered launches are meant to avoid cannibalization between the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and the Galaxy S21s. In other words, the manufacturer would like to ensure that the sales of Galaxy S21 do not negatively impact those of the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and vice versa.

Speaking of the next series of Galaxy S devices, Samsung reportedly intends to equip the Galaxy S21 Ultra with a stylus. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 could also be equipped with an accessory of this type. However, these changes would not be without consequences. According to rumors that have been running in the corridors of the web for a few days, the South Korean firm intends to abandon the Galaxy Note range, starting next year.

Several million units (already) ordered for the Galaxy S21

Regarding the Galaxy S21, the chaebol has already ordered 6 million devices in order to meet the initial requests, that is to say, those which will follow the announcement of the flagship. Note that this future Unpacked event should also be marked by the presentation of the successor to the Galaxy Buds + pair of headphones, the Galaxy Buds Beyond.

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