Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone screen cracks due to cold in Korea

Samsung is still the leader in telephony, despite increasingly formidable competitors. The year 2020 will have been an opportunity for the Korean manufacturer to market several acclaimed models, including the Galaxy Z Fold 2. A foldable model, a technology on which Samsung relies heavily to prepare for the future, while the screens are more in addition present in our daily life. For the moment, the first smartphones of its kind marketed by the firm seem to be trials, and are not free from defects . The Galaxy Z Flip is no exception to the rule.

As SamMobile reports, the screen of some Galaxy Z Flip is damaged in the cold in Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Foldable Smartphone Screen Cracks Due To Cold In Korea

At this time, Samsung has not communicated about this issue.

The Galaxy Z Flip does not necessarily resist the cold

This is a major problem revealed by SamMobile about Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip, released in July 2020. Its screen is damaged in the cold, and Korean users have reported it . Because in the country of Samsung, it is currently very cold with negative temperatures which impact the foldable smartphone . On the 6.7-inch screen, half of it is no longer displayed after this exposure.

Some users affected by the issue have contacted Samsung for a repair, but the manufacturer refused. It is obviously impossible to know on which criteria Korean is based.

For the moment, Samsung has not communicated on this problem which is difficult for it to anticipate. Because the Galaxy Z Flip was marketed in summer, and is currently experiencing its first winter . It will be interesting to find out, especially in France where the cold has been widely invited in recent days, if all folding smartphones will be affected by the problem.

Because if this Galaxy Z Flip problem turns out to be very widespread, Samsung could find itself in a somewhat complicated position. And the Korean manufacturer has already known pans in its history. Everyone will remember the latest, in 2016, with a Galaxy Note 7 withdrawn from sale following cases of spontaneous fire that made the headlines.

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