Samsung imagined a modular desktop PC

Samsung filed for a new patent recently. It features an all-in-one modular computer, a computer reminiscent of both the iMac and the Surface Studio. This document could serve as a basis for the brand's future computers… if the latter decides to make it a salable product on the market.

The document filed by the Korean firm is indeed nothing more than a patent and its main purpose is therefore to protect the concept imagined by its designers and engineers.

Samsung Imagined A Modular Desktop Pc

Despite everything, this modular PC, if it is created, would have serious arguments to impose itself on the market.

Presentation of the future product

Samsung's patent for this new modular desktop PC model is full of promise.

The architecture of the machine, to begin with, is based on an all-in-one form factor. This means that all the accessories of the desktop PC, whether it is the screen, the mainframe, the speakers, the batteries or the tuners, will be assembled in a single platform.

The system will also be equipped with a curved screen with a front camera, which will itself be equipped with a user recognition unit. This curved screen will represent the aesthetic aspect of the device and will come with a stand that could contain some elements of the PC.

Like its storage media or even some components.

The future envisioned for Samsung's modular desktop PC

This project is the first of its kind for Samsung. In fact, as the plans evolve and come true, the Korean firm should file other patents concerning the design of this machine if it really decides to market it.

According to analysts, the modular desktop computer will be the big high-tech trend of the next few years. Samsung is not the only company that has embarked on similar concepts.

Intel, for example, is also working on several all-in-one devices that perform as well as desktop PCs.

The patent application for this project was filed in March 2017 but no completion date has been disclosed so far.

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