Samsung will now supply solar-powered remotes with its


Recently, Samsung unveiled its new Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs. The least we can say is that these televisions send heavy since they will exploit the Quantum Mini LED, the Quantum Matrix Technology and they are equipped with the new video processing processor Neo Quantm Processor, with a depth 12-bit color.

But while Samsung continues to impose itself in technological innovation, the South Korean giant does not skimp, next, its environmental commitments. Indeed, the technology company had also presented solar-powered remote controls, during the presentation of televisions.

Samsung will now supply solar-powered remotes with its
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What does this imply? No need to buy AA or AAA batteries and no longer need to tap on the remote control when it does not work because its batteries are dry. But do you still need to sunbathe your remote so that it charges? No !

Solar-powered remote controls made from recycled plastic

These new remote controls were called Samsung Eco Remote and it is on their lower part that we can see the solar panel which is responsible for keeping the internal battery charged. But to do this, there is no need for direct contact with the sun's rays.

Samsung made it possible for remotes to capture PV energy. This means that your remote will continue to charge even in closed environments, as long as sunlight enters it.

However, Samsung has planned a B option nonetheless in case the remote control battery runs dry. In this case, the remote already has a USB-C port, so you can do a quick charge if necessary. According to information from The Verge, the Samsung Eco Remotes weigh only 31 grams and are made from 28% recycled plastic.

Samsung TV boxes will also be recyclable!

Samsung has estimated that these new remotes will have a lifespan of about two years and the company says the effort will reduce the amount of plastic and batteries thrown away each year. However, this is not the only effort Samsung has made in relation to the environment.

Indeed, reported on Wednesday January 06, 2021 that the South Korean firm has also entered into a partnership with Dezeen to give other uses to its TV packaging boxes. When you buy Samsung TVs, you will find a QR Code on the box which will give you several creative ideas. For example, you can transform boxes into children's toys, shelves or even a cat house!

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