Scanning documents – what is and what options do you have

Scanning documents – what is and what options do you have

Many times you have to send certain documents, photos, books, etc. in digital format and then you need to scan those prints, in order to be able to send them either by email, on Whatsapp or through other applications, and in this article we will give you more information on this subject.

When you have a printed document that you need to send, you can do this operation either by fax or by mail or by traveling in person. But there are times when you have to send the document very quickly, you can't get there, etc., and then you can use the scanning operation, simple and fast, and below you can find information about what the scan involves, how you can proceed and why you have need.


What is scanning?

There are several types of scanning, but in this article we will focus specifically on how to scan a document. But let's see what document scanning means?

It is a process by which you can transfer the image of a document in a digital format , using certain devices or applications. When we talk about a document, we refer to written notes, printed photographs, books, documents, etc.

You've probably accessed scanned PDF books or received older photos from friends, but if you don't know exactly how you can do it, keep reading this article.

Scanning documents – what is and what options do you have

What are the benefits of scanning?

For you, as an individual, it is much faster , safer and more convenient to send documents in digital format , no longer necessary to travel to a certain location, search for a fax or use mail.

But there are also many companies that use these methods, because they have a number of benefits.

Scanned documents are very helpful, making it much easier to give access to more people through computers than to make copies to share with employees.

It also saves space , time and money, if instead of cabinets where to keep the papers, you choose, when possible, to store them in digital format.

In addition, it is a solution for respecting nature, saving the environment , because you will use less paper and ink.

How to scan?

There are several methods for scanning documents, using a device called a scanner or a scanning application, using your mobile phone. Let's see how to use the scanner and how to scan in this case.

On the market you have several types of scanners: flat, which are fed with paper, these can be integrated in a multifunctional device, and mobile ones.

  • The flat models are similar, as a way of use, with a copier, you open the cover, place the paper to be scanned, make sure you position it well, close the cover, give the order and wait for the scan to be performed.
  • For paper-fed ones , you can put the document in the tray and the machine will pick it up on its own. It is suitable when you have to scan documents that are not stuck together and the amount is large.
  • The mobile ones are very useful especially for those who travel a lot, possibly to the clients' homes, and need to scan invoices or other documents, or for inventory stores, for barcode scanning.

When choosing such a device, in addition to the type, you must also pay attention to the resolution , especially if you need a very clean and clear document scan. The scanner can be attached to a PC and with a high-performance scanning program, you will be able to digitize your archive or send documents in digital format.

In the online environment you can find a free document scanning program, simple and convenient to use.

How can you scan with your mobile phone?

If you do not need daily and the quality does not have to be at maximum levels, then you can scan with your mobile phone . It is a very convenient option and you no longer need additional investments in devices, but only a document scanning application, and the operation is very handy.

But let's see how I scan with my cell phone? First of all, you need a scanning program or an application , and you will find several options depending on your needs:

  • Google Driv e – can be used to scan documents with your phone, by those who have Android. It is a built-in application and is very easy to use. Open the application, activate the + sign, select the scan function, take the picture and then confirm on the Done button.
  • System Note – is a similar program for iOS owners. After scanning it allows you to make small edits, to add more pages, personal notes.
  • Adobe Scan – is a PDF scanning program, which you can access for free, available for both Android and iOS.
  • Microsoft Office Lens – is a bit more powerful, because it also allows text recognition and you can save under PDF, Word or Powerpoint format. It is for Android, iOS, Windows. It also corrects the scanned image from the trapezoid in a rectangular format, similar to the scanned sheet of devices.
  • CamScanner – is one of the most popular applications for scanning documents and you have several editing possibilities, you can insert images or sketches, add personal notes. Can be used on Android, iOS, Windows.

Scanning documents – what is and what options do you have

Other applications of interest

In addition to document scanning applications, there are other applications that may interest you. In case the saving is done in PDF format, but you have to work on that document and make some more transformations, then you will need a program to convert PDF to Word .

Also, to recognize the scanned text in Romanian , you can work with a Romanian online OCR , with several options. Depending on your needs: text editing, inserting images or sketches, adding or removing certain portions, etc., you can look for a program to edit scanned documents on the Internet and you will certainly find a convenient option for you. , most of which are also free.

Learn to use your mobile phone for scanning, because, unlike the scanner , you can use it at any time, without too much effort, being ideal for emergencies. Instead, if you need very good quality and resolution, but you are not in a hurry, a scanner can be much more useful.

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