Screenshots for the next build of Windows 10

Microsoft should soon roll out a new Technical Preview for Windows 10 . If you want to see what she looks like then these few pictures should interest you.

If you have installed Windows on one of your machines, virtual or not, then you should know that its interface has evolved a lot over the builds . The next one should go a little further, at least if we are to believe the few captures shared by IT Home.

Screenshots For The Next Build Of Windows 10

Does this transparency effect remind you of anything?

Catches to be taken with the most extreme caution, that goes without saying.

The first thing that strikes you is obviously this transparency effect applied to the "start" menu. Some of you may remember it, but the Aero effect first appeared on Vista in 2007 and has been with us for quite a few years.

Is Aero getting ready to make a comeback?

And then Windows 8 hit the market. There, Microsoft has decided to make a clean sweep of the past by starting with a simpler, more sober and more stripped-down interface. An interface without excessive transparency effects.

If these images are to be believed, then the publisher has finally decided to backtrack. Be careful, however, not to rejoice too quickly because this effect would only be applied to the menu, and application windows would therefore not be affected.

Beautiful, but it's not over yet because the firm has also made some changes to its tiles, incorporating a new three-dimensional effect. An effect which is also reminiscent of the famous 3D Cube by Compiz, on Ubuntu.

There should also be something new on the side of Cortana, with the integration of an accordion menu giving control of the main functions and options of the assistant.

I remind you that the new Microsoft BUILD will start in a few hours. The firm should take the opportunity to present a lot of new products.

Screenshots For The Next Build Of Windows 10 1

There will also be something new for Cortana apparently.

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