Shadow sets out to conquer the United States

Shadow obviously does not intend to limit himself to the old continent. At all. The company intends to launch its service in the United States, and more precisely in California, from February 15.

Available in France and with several other European neighbors since the end of last year, Shadow's service is positioned in the cloud gaming sector and its main purpose is to allow gamers to free themselves from their physical machines.

Shadow Sets Out To Conquer The United States

Shadow will be released in March 2017.

Gaming- oriented PCs are indeed quite expensive to purchase and evolve. To remain efficient, they must therefore be frequently refreshed.

Shadow, cloud gaming for everyone

Shadow therefore had the idea of developing a dematerialized offer based entirely on the cloud . Tested since the end of 2016 with a handful of handpicked users, it has been available to everyone since the end of November.

The Parisian company has not looked at the expense in terms of the configurations offered. Very powerful, the latter revolve around a Xeon coupled with 12 GB of RAM and Quadro P5000. Robust machines capable of running both the most demanding titles and professional software solutions.

At the same time, the company's engineers have also developed a function capable of modifying in real time the bandwidth allocated to the user according to use. This feature is important because it allows the service to run on ADSL connections.

Head for the United States!

The service offered by Shadow is therefore not reserved for fiber users.

Present in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, the company now intends to establish itself in the American market and it has thus announced by means of a simple tweet its arrival in California.

To start the year off on the right foot, Shadow has indeed decided to open a data center in the United States. However, the service is not yet open to everyone and it is only available for pre-order.

The company has not given more details and it is not known at this time whether the US tariffs will align with the prices charged in France.

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