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Shady Rays Classic Series  are model new Polarized Sunglasses that may surprise you. The shady rays brand  it’s known like a top quality brand into glasses industry. Like every premium product these glasses can be personalised (color/wooden style design/animal print..) Some of the shoppers say that these sun shades are better than oakley.

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Shady Rays purchase review

Please take a look what say people that had brought Shady rays sunglasses:


      • Тhese cups have been hаd on my own for roughly 4 monthѕ before thеy stаrted peeling. We keрt them inside a сase that is ѕeparate a component рoсket of my bag. I only wore them whenever I wound up being driving or sоmetimes at the pаrk wіth my young ones. I actually do not realize why the conclusion peelеd off but I do not think these include very quаlity this is definitely good juѕt accomplish that! We contacted questionable rays as well as said when they сan find my order they’re going to ship a rеturn envеlope out, allоw me to supply the cups inside their mind, they wіll place completely new lensеs in, and deliver all of them back to myself. That may simply take permanently! Personally think you should look arοund fοr a couple of eyeglasses which embrace even more toughness.
      • A couple of other eyeglasses customersShady Rays Sunglasses Customers

      • Customer service experience

      • I am sure a peoрle that аre few a couple of Shady Rays as well as the durability comments is sрlit. Something for sure i have heard may be the custоmer service and warrantу/gυarantеe being notch this is certainly tоp.
  • Sunglasses update review

    • Shady Rays has a terrific marketing campaign, which is good for them because I just don’t see anything special about their glasses. A bit better than gas station glasses but that’s about it.  Shady Rays Sunglasses Review 1 Scaled

      Customer rapid service review

    • I am extraordinarily satisfied with ShadyRays customer service. I had a minor problem (regular wear & tear) with a pair of sun shades that I owned for several years. I contacted customer support via their web site portal. I provided to pay for the alternative part.

Response time on their support

  • Their response time was less than 24 hrs. Apparently, the piece was no longer available due to the updated design style. They despatched me a brand new pair of sunglasses for free of charge. I could not be more pleased. Thank you ShadyRays.  Shady Rays Sunglasses Review 2
  • After a few weeks the finish started to “crackle” around the points where it would touch my skin: the nose, eyebrows, and cheeks.

Dissapointment points on some purchases

  • This was a little disappointing as well, but I was pleased with the glasses, they felt comfortable and no one might see the imperfection.I went to the seashore with the household final week and started to note a “flex” in the frame and observed they were starting to sit on my face oddly. The right side was hugging tighter to my face than the left. The next day when I went to put them on, the frame around the lenses simply snapped.  Shady Rays Sunglasses Review 4 Scaled
  • Thought this was a great product. Not so much. Both frame sides broke above lens as pictured above WITHIN THE FIRST 3 WEEKS. Their warranty seems great except you have to pay $10 shipping (I doubt it costs $10 to ship something so small). For the $40 initially paid, not worth changing a product that probably cost $5 to make.Yea just a feew compliants.  Shady Rays Sunglasses Review 6
  • Shady Rays has a great product and fantastic clients service. I purchased edsunglasses during a sales event. My sunglasses arrived when they said they would be delivered and packaged to ensure my sunglasses wouldn’t be damaged. I was missing a gift card and wrote to their  service group. They responded the same day and resolved the issue immediately. I’ve worked with clients service for them in the past as well.

How responsive are the shady rays support service?

  • They are always extremely responsive and have always quickly answered any of my questions and always very helpful. I highly recommend shady rays for a great product and fantastic team and this is a plus.I emailed their support page and was only offered the $10 shipping replacement. If it was 3 or 4 months down the road, I would understand.Business profiles are attached in this article. But clearly these are cheaper than cheap. Don’t fall for the warranty and marketing during the years.  Shady Rays Sunglasses Review
  • Very nice sunglasses for the price and guarantees! I did not realize when I purchased them that they also donate money to a cause for every pair sold. Love that!  However it’s bbb rated.
  • Latest feew reviews from direct customersShady Rays Sunglasses Review

  • I order a pair of glasses and they got the wrong thing I wanted regular glasses business.They gave my sunglasses ones.Then they took almost a month to come in.I contacted them and they only gave me 35% discount.So I still had to pay a lot more money just for another pair. They gave me another option was to send the glasses back but I need them bc I couldn’t see.I was depending on those glasses to come in business. When I buy the 2 pairs they took almost a month too.I will NEVER SHOP ON SHADYS RAYS AGAIN.Prescription is needed.

    Classic shady rays collection

    Classic style shades featuring Shady Rays signature and free replacement if lost or broken.’m normally a skeptic when it comes to ordering items based on a Facebook post, but since these were available on Amazon I decided to give them a try.
    Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! I have a pair of Oakley sunglasses that are the same style and I actually find myself preferring the Shady Rays over them.

    Stylish glasses for men review

    Got these for my husbands birthday and he loves them! They fit well, block glare, and look amazing! Would definitely but another pair!

    The Shady Rays are polarized, which is a huge plus and are less than half the cost of the Oakleys. I haven’t read anywhere about anybody using their “free replacement if lost or broken” policy, but that is another selling point that drew me to them. Will cross that bridge if the time ever comes…. Overall I would definitely recommend these to anyone in need of a nice pair of shades.

    How much resist over time these sunglasses?

    I purchased this pair before the summer began as my old pair of Ray Bans was starting to show some wear and tear after 10 years of having the same pair.

    Wood finish design

    Upon ordering I was hoping to get the mirrored lenses with the “Wood” finish. I ended up having to settle as customer service could not provide a date when the requested Finish and frame would be available. That being said, I ordered and they arrived promptly, they were very comfortable and easy to wear for a long time.

    Coatings pells off  quality issue

    I had these glasses for about 4 months before they started peeling. I kept them in a separate case on a side pocket of my purse. I only wore them when I was driving or sometimes at the park with my kids. I don’t understand why the coating peeled off but I don’t think they are very good quality to just do that! I contacted shady rays and they said if they can find my order they will send out a return envelope, allow me to send the glasses to them, then they will put new lenses in, and send them back to me. That is going to take forever! I personally think you should look around for a pair of glasses that has more durability.

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