She starts trading with a hairpin and ends up with a tiny house

Who says you have to have money to own a home? One only has to look at the story of Demi Skipper to realize that this is not an immutable rule. This 29-year-old young woman, originally from San Francisco (United States), managed to have a tiny house by swapping a simple hairpin.

It all started on May 26, 2020 when Demi Skipper launched the Trade Me Project on TikTok and Instagram. His goal was to chain the barter together to end up turning his hairpin into a house. As incredible as it sounds, she got there after six months.

She Starts Trading With A Hairpin And Ends Up With A Tiny House
Photo by Kaitlyn Baker – Unsplash

After making several trades, Demi Skipper ended up getting a tiny house worth $ 9,500.

The crazy story of Demi Skipper

It took Demi Skipper 6 months and 25 exchanges to reach her goal. She kicked off her project through a TikTok video in which she explains her intention to swap a hairpin until she gets a home. After that, she took to Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook to start bartering.

Before getting her tiny house, Demi Skipper saw objects of all kinds scroll before her eyes. When she parted with her hairpin, she became the proud owner of margarita glasses, vacuum cleaner, Apple TV, Xbox One, limited edition sneakers, a MacBook Pro, a diamond necklace, a stationary bike, and even three cars.

The car that changed his life

It wasn't until November 28, 2020, after a series of trades, that Demi Skipper got her home. She managed to swap a 2011 Jeep Patriot for a tiny house designed by the company Wildbound Cabin Co. On the company's website, we can see that the price of this house starts at $ 9,500.

Following this story, Demi Skipper became a star of social networks. This allowed him to gain 4.6 million subscribers on TikTok and 285,000 followers on Instagram. She later revealed that this project was inspired by Kyle MacDonald.

This entrepreneur has become famous on the web for trading a paperclip for a house.

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