Signal: App downloads explode after Facebook and WhatsApp merger

If Facebook is the number one social network in the world, despite its status as a dinosaur, the company headed by Mark Zuckerberg is worried. Already singled out for its political interference after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company is not necessarily very transparent about its management of private data . So the merger of Facebook with WhatsApp, an encrypted messaging system acquired in 2014, does not appeal to everyone. If European users are spared, protected by the General Data Protection Regulation, this major change in the operation of the application is pushing many towards the exit.

Users looking for alternatives that respect their privacy as much as possible.

Signal: App downloads explode after Facebook and WhatsApp merger

Credit: Signal

Signal quickly established itself as the perfect choice, and as MacRumors reveals, its downloads have skyrocketed.

Facebook's decision propels Signal to the top of messaging

WhatsApp, after years leading messaging apps on the App Store and Play Store, is now second. Signal took its place, with an explosion of downloads . Users appear to have quickly turned away from WhatsApp following its merger with Facebook, endangering the data protection promised by messaging. Those who refuse this new rule, apart from Europeans, will no longer be able to access it.

The success is such for Signal that last Thursday, the verification codes for the new registrants took a long time to arrive on the smartphones . A traffic jam in the connections which proves that the messaging system is taking advantage of the current situation. Not to mention that after apologizing on Twitter for the outage, Signal replied " your privacy must be important " to a user who asked if its success was related to the merger of Facebook and WhatsApp.

Without a doubt, Facebook was expecting this reaction, well aware of its poor image with consumers. But the company seems confident and accepts its merger with WhatsApp . Let's not forget that Facebook has already announced that its foal, Instagram, will meet the same fate. It obviously seems that the company wants to centralize all its services to strengthen its position as a digital juggernaut.

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