Skype: Real-time translator now speaks Italian and Chinese

Skype has evolved a lot since it fell into the hands of Microsoft and it has even integrated a real-time translator since last year. Until now, the tool only supported three languages – English, Spanish and French – but this is now history since the latest version of the tool is also compatible with Chinese and Italian.

Skype Translator was introduced by the publisher last year, a few days before the holiday season. At the time, however, he understood no more than two languages, English and Spanish.

Skype Real Time Translator Now Speaks Italian And Chinese

Microsoft has however taken advantage of the last TechDays to add a third language to the list: ours.

Two new languages in just two months

He now wants to step up a gear and it only took him two months to make his solution compatible with two new languages spoken by millions of people around the world. Impressive, and even more so when you know that Chinese is on the list.

Chinese, and more specifically Mandarin.

On the sidelines, Microsoft took the opportunity to make some adjustments.

Skype will thus be able to translate on the fly all the audio messages that will be sent by your friends, into the language of your choice. The translator can also work in real time, during your conversations.

In addition, the software incorporates a new function to automatically modify the sound volume according to the translator's activity in real time. If you feel like it, you can also mute the translator to concentrate on the written transcription.

Finally, note that new languages should quickly make their entry in the coming months.

Skype Translator is not yet available to the general public but those who wish can sign up on a waiting list by going to this page to test the Preview.

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