Skype Translator now speaks French and German

Skype Translator continues on its way and Microsoft announced very good news last week. The solution now speaks French and German.

The tool was first mentioned last year and it ultimately has only one goal: to break down the language barrier by translating a user's words on the fly to help them navigate. make another person understand.

Skype Translator Now Speaks French And German

Skype Translator can now translate French and German.

How it works ? The principle is quite simple, in fact. The person sits comfortably in front of their computer, starts Skype and starts a video conversation with one of their contacts.

Skype Translator can now translate French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and English

There, if she wishes, she will be able to activate the translator in a few clicks. The whole point is that it works both in writing and orally. The procedure is also completely transparent for the user and he will have nothing to do in particular, except to open a dialogue with his interlocutor.

Up to now, Skype Translator has supported four spoken languages, specifically English, Mandarin, Italian and Spanish. Microsoft has however worked a lot on the solution in recent months and two new languages have just appeared: French and German.

If you speak with a German friend and activate the function, then Skype will automatically paste subtitles on the screen so that they can understand you. And vice versa, of course.

Unsurprisingly, the translation can also be done on written messages, but this was already the case for a while, and more precisely since the last TechDays .

Finally, note that Skype Translator is available to everyone. If you want to test the solution, it's not complicated, you just have to go to this address and click on the button that is ok to download it.

And we end with a video that will explain the basics and show you how to activate the function.

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