Snowpiercer: a new video for season 2

Warning, this article contains several spoilers from the Snowpiercer season 1 and season 2 series.

We've been anxiously awaiting the release of the next season of Snowpiercer for a few months now. In July 2020, we already brought you a trailer for season 2 in which we saw the famous Mr. Wilford appear .

A quick summary is in order if you haven't followed the series from the start or if you missed some information along the way. As a reminder, Snowpiercer is a science fiction series in which we follow the story of several survivors of an ecological disaster, stuck in a train made up of 1.001 wagons.

Snowpiercer: a new video for season 2
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In the first season, it was discovered that Melanie Cavill impersonated Mr Wilford, the owner of the train, and that former police officer Layton discovered his secret and used it to take command of the Snowpiercer. Except that during the last episodes of this first season, the real Mr. Wilford made his appearance, in another train called Big Alice.

A second season that promises several upheavals

The Snowpiercer season 2 teaser shows us that Mr Wilford does indeed exist, in the flesh. This character is also played by Sean Bean who we saw in Game of Thrones.

The trailer that followed the teaser added a layer of suspense as we could see a more than palpable tension between Layton, played by Daveed Diggs, and Mr. Wilford.

In any case, more information is given to us by the new trailer that has just been released on the series, where we can see that there will be a bloody clash between these two male characters and, worse still, that he There will certainly be a revolution much more violent than what we saw in the first season.

See you on Netflix on January 26

Apparently, this second season promises much higher stakes than the first season. The first images already show that Mr Wilford is not an enemy that Layton will quickly get rid of.

In addition, new characters will appear in this sequel to the first season even if the old actors, such as Jennifer Connelly, Mickey Sumner or Alison Wright, will always be there. For those who are impatiently awaiting season 2 of Snowpiercer, know that this second round of episodes will land on Netflix from Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at the rate of one episode per week. The US broadcast will begin on Monday, January 25.

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