Sobro Smart Side Table Review 2021

 This  Sobro review is a legitimately and indepth  product analysis even it is just a coffee table. The bells and whistles are unbelievable of course, but first and foremost… it’s a great table for anyone!
Sobro Smart Coffee Table With Refrigerator
Sobro Smart coffee Table with refrigerator

It is Sobro Side Table a good quality product?

The Sobro is a smart coffee table,in a nutshell.  I usually relate to it as my “coffee table cooler” while I brag about it with family  since it is like a  frost refrigerator.

Sobro Smart Side Table Australia
sobro smart side table australia
Sobro has a track record of bringing innovative technology into unlikely spaces, starting 2017 through a crowdfunding initiative for the Sobro Coffee Table. Following initial success on Indiegogo, Sobro launched a second campaign for the Sobro Smart Side Table, which raised over $2 million dollars and broke crowdfunding records. We’re now proud to bring Sobro products to our retailers in the US and Canada, and directly to you!
Sobro Smart Side Table India
sobro smart side table india

All right, it’s far more than a coffee table with a cooler drink inside. It’s legally well-designed and its features aren’t useless. Despite what you might imagine, they did not attempt to over-engineer the Sobro and make a lot of unnecessary parts.

Sobro Smart Side Table Price With Cooling Drawer And Bluetooth Speaker
sobro smart side table price with cooling drawer and bluetooth speaker
Here are some quotations from sobro design site:


Charge your devices, play music with Bluetooth, and entertain friends with snacks and drinks: the Sobro Coffee Table makes it all happen.

Sobro Smart Side Table Price
sobro smart side table price

It certainly gives a futuristic environment from a design viewpoint. Still, it doesn’t look funny when you see it in an even semi-modern space. It just seems unbelievable when you admire it.

In the last two years, My Sobro has stood wonderfully, despite being moved to my new house from an apartment. This is one of my favorite furniture/technology items at home and still responds when people are over.

Sobro Smart Side Table Review 1
Sobro Smart Side Table Review 1

The Sobro team works from the ground up to develop innovative solutions for contemporary home life. Every Sobro design starts by asking how we can improve and streamline the connected home. From there, we spend months tuning and refining the features of each product so it’s perfect. With an international team in the US and China, we are at the forefront of smart furniture innovation, manufacturing and distribution.

The Sobro is more than just a coffee table. It’s a refrigerator, a loader, a sound system and even a light LED display. But perhaps most importantly, for the next party you host, it is a guaranteed subject. The Sobro is the best all-time coffee table and is not even a close contest.

Sobro Smart Side Table With Cooling Drawer And Bluetooth Speaker
sobro smart side table with cooling drawer and bluetooth speaker

You can contact them thru sobro facebook page, for more details about desired product.


sobro smart side table with cooling drawer and bluetooth speaker

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