Some screenshots for the next version of iTunes

Apple should normally roll out the final version of Yosemite before the end of the week. The firm is apparently preparing the ground, by the way. Proof of this is the 9 to 5 Mac editors had the opportunity to get their hands on the next version of iTunes . The twelfth. And guess what? They took the opportunity to take some captures in passing, captures that you will be able to find a little later in the article.

According to our American friends, the new version of iTunes is currently being deployed among people with a Mac at home. As often, we are not all housed in the same boat and the rascal has not yet appeared in my house.

Some Screenshots For The Next Version Of Itunes

This is what the next iTunes will look like. Pretty, isn't it?

Fortunately, the captures shared by 9 to 5 Macs allow us to get a more precise idea of what awaits us. Unsurprisingly, the iTunes 12 interface will be much more stripped down than the current version, with minimalist visuals and an interface that gives pride of place to “flat design”.

Some will like it, others less, but it will marry wonderfully with the Yosemite interface.

The emphasis is obviously on the content and the structure of the window is thus reduced to its bare minimum. The reader is thus positioned on the same line as the three buttons used to close the window, reduce it or switch it to full screen. The same goes for the search box which is placed completely to the right.

Apple has also done a lot of work on its store. Its navigation system will thus be based on four icons positioned on the left, icons which will refer us to music, videos, applications or even the management of our terminal. It's quite pretty to watch, with great visuals.

Will Windows users be able to take advantage of these new features? Hopefully, iTunes 12 would also match the interface of the next version of Microsoft's operating system very well. Windows 10 is also in the “flat” after all.

As far as I'm concerned, what I mostly hope is that this version of iTunes will be faster to load than the current one.

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