Some screenshots for the next version of Office on Mac

Microsoft is currently working on the new version of its in-house office suite. Once is not custom, the publisher has thought of apple crunchers and the new Office for Mac could even land at the beginning of next year, in a few months. Exciting, isn't it? Of course, and if you want to see what the latter looks like, then you are in luck because the first captures have just appeared on the web.

Catches, or rather… slides since all these images seem to come from a presentation distributed internally. Caution is obviously in order, an assembly is not to be excluded either, and this even if they come from a source which has been shown to be rather reliable in the past.

Some Screenshots For The Next Version Of Office On Mac

The Office release schedule.

So, what is this version like?

No big changes on the interface

It seems to be very close to what we find on Windows. The workspace is quite sparse, but the ribbon is still there and we are ultimately the opposite of what Apple offers with its own suite. I actually had fun opening Pages and Numbers to compare, and the difference is really obvious.

Well, after that, as far as I'm concerned, I much prefer even more minimalist editors, like the very good Ulysses .

If the interface does not change masses, Office for Mac 2015 will apparently be entitled to some specific optimizations and it will be fully compatible with … Retina displays.

On the other hand, there is one point that surprised me a lot. Which ? The slide to the new version of Outlook has a visual that doesn't match that other capture at the start of the week at all . The translucent bar is not in the game, and the unread message markers are not in the same place. There are also two or three cosmetic differences.

And the funniest thing in the story is that all of these images are from the same site. This being the case, we must also not lose sight of the fact that the tool is still under development, so it is not necessarily the same version.

Otherwise, well know that the public beta should be soon, so we should learn more about the sequel soon.


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