Some types of drones and what you need to know about them

When we say "drones" we do not mean devices that look the same or have the same functions. Even though they are all unmanned aerial vehicles, they differ in many ways and are classified according to all kinds of characteristics: engine, dimensions, flight distance or abilities.

Let's talk in general about the types of drones, without making a distribution according to certain criteria, it is quite difficult, because they are complex devices, which are divided into several categories:

After the engine

The motorization of these gadgets is different, and the way they are built from this point of view makes them be used for certain purposes. Thus, we have devices:

With several engines – they come with the advantage that they are very stable when in the air, which is why they can stay in a fixed position for a long time. They are appreciated in the case of photographers, but also when it comes to surveillance, cartography or search missions.

With fixed wings – here we refer to drones that are made in such a way as to resemble small planes. They have a clearly established trajectory and cannot maintain their fixed position in the air, but are always in motion.

With a single engine – they are appreciated for the fact that they can be used in a variety of ways, being considered the most efficient. They can fly linearly or can maintain their position in the air and offer a very good autonomy.

Some types of drones and what you need to know about them

By the distance I can cover

Not all of these aircraft are capable of flying as much. The distance they can cover depends on the autonomy with which they come. Regarding the number of kilometers they can do, we can classify them as follows:

Up to 5 km – the vast majority of products you find more accessible on the market, offer a sufficient autonomy to travel around 5 km. They are common when it comes to entertainment or photography.

Up to 50 km – here we are talking about more advanced devices, which come with a powerful battery, which can last even 6 hours and which are most frequently present in military personnel who have to do quick surveillance missions.

Up to 150 km – models in this category can be operated from distances that can reach up to 150 km, because they come with batteries that offer a service life of about 12 hours. The army also uses them frequently, when it comes to surveillance, espionage, national security, etc.

Over 150 km – yes, there are such items, and some say that they can be controlled even from an incredible distance of 650 km. They can fly for days and are part of the equipment used by those working in fields such as: national security, espionage, surveillance, meteorology, geology or geomaping.

By size

Depending on their size, these devices are classified as follows:

Nano – are very small gadgets, which can be a few centimeters in size and can be confused with certain insects. They are made to penetrate very small spaces, they weigh a few grams and if they are really expensive they cost a lot.

Mini – we meet them most frequently from the position of ordinary people, because they are accessible from a financial point of view, they do not have to be registered at the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, because they weigh up to 500 grams. These are themini drones often used by photographers or people who want to have fun learning to fly such a device.

Some types of drones and what you need to know about them

Medium – we consider to be medium-sized devices devices that have over 500 grams (so they must be registered) and that reach somewhere up to 20 kg. Great attention, because for those who weigh more than 15 kg you need a national flight permit, and for those over 20 kg you need an insurance. You will find all the details on the website of the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority .

Large – aircraft weighing more than 20 kg are large drones. They cannot be piloted by anyone, anyway, anywhere, but they need specialists who know exactly what they have to do, authorizations, insurance and a lot of professionalism.

According to the functions they can have

Functions are important when you want to buy a drone and you may think that you want to choose a model that has certain abilities. Thus, you can choose from a wide range of devices, from this point of view:

With GPS – there are options that you may want because they will be able to follow a certain trajectory, provide information about the route traveled or return to where they left off.

RTF – in this case we are talking about models that are ready to fly immediately, RTF being the acronym for Ready To Fly. They only need to be assembled, if they are not already, and raised in the air.

For photos – when you want to buy a variant that you must use for this purpose, it must not lack, of course, the cameras capable of capturing the desired frames. Make sure they are powerful enough to provide the clarity you need.

For delivery – if you are interested in drone delivery, then you will have to opt for models that are physically able to transport objects of certain sizes. Some have a basket, others all kinds of fastening systems.

Some types of drones and what you need to know about them

For racing – these are devices specially designed for those who want to participate in drone competitions. They are wind resistant and can reach speeds of up to 120 km / h.

These are some of the most interesting and common types of drones. Some you may have seen, others you may not have had access to, others you may not have known existed. If you are thinking of buying such a device, you can also buy it online, because you have a very varied range of products and very good prices.

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