Sony has just unveiled a drone that will allow your hybrid box to take a little height

Sony has made a name for itself in the photo market thanks to the range of Alpha cameras and it seems to want to capitalize on this success. The Japanese firm has just unveiled a drone capable of supporting the weight of its boxes, a drone which should be of great interest to videographers and, more generally, content creators.

You probably know this if you are interested in this subject, but there are many drones on the market that can support the weight of a hybrid or SLR camera.

Sony Has Just Unveiled A Drone That Will Allow Your Hybrid Box To Take A Little Height
Here is the drone presented by Sony, a drone capable of supporting a hybrid box of the brand – Sony credits

Typically, these drones are large, with many arms and a good wingspan.

Airpeak, a compact drone for your Sony box

This is strangely not the case with Sony's Airpeak. The drone presented by the firm during the night is much more compact than its competitors and at the same time it will be much more transportable.

But above all, it seems very well thought out. Sony has thus chosen to limit itself to four arms, four motors and four propellers. The landing gear can also fold upwards during flight so as not to spoil your shots.

The gimbal on which your camera will rest is of course stabilized and its motors will therefore be able to suppress most of the shaking of the device, which will result in smoother sequences.

A presentation that leaves a taste of unfinished business

Sony also indicates in its press release that it has used artificial intelligence to allow the drone and the camera to produce the most stable videos possible.

Unfortunately, there are still many unknowns in the equation. Sony does not give any information on the power of the drone's motors, or even on the sensors on board. Ditto for autonomy or range, which were not mentioned by the electronics giant either.

But above all, we still do not know anything about the price of the Airpeak. Sony has not yet communicated on this subject.

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