Sony reportedly to stop selling several PlayStation 4 models in Japan

According to a Japanese retailer, Sony is about to end the marketing, on the archipelago, of several models of PlayStation 4 . While, let's remember, a number of upcoming titles offered on PlayStation 5 will also be playable on the previous generation.

If you've taken a look at the latest game console sales figures in Japan, you may have realized that instead of a tidal wave, the PlayStation 5 has instead caused a stir in a glass of water. . It's hard to say whether the machine's low scores in the Land of the Rising Sun are due to timid initial stocks or a lack of public interest in the Sony brand.

Sony reportedly to stop selling several PlayStation 4 models in Japan

It may be that in the near future, Japanese players wishing to get a PlayStation 4 have a reduced range of proposals. VGC thus reports the Twitter publication of user @ Cheesemeister3k as to a likely end of marketing of certain PS4 models.

Five PS4 models could stop being sold in Japan

The post displays a photo showing part of the PlayStation 4 department of a Japanese retailer. In caption, we are given the translation of the message posted by the merchant at the top left:

“Dear Customers: Due to the discontinuation of the manufacturer's production, the following products will not be restocked”.
・ PS4 500GB Glacier White
・ PS4 1TB Jet Black
・ PS4 1TB Glacier White
・ PS4 2TB Jet Black
・ PS4 Pro 1TB Glacier White ”

Obviously there are other PlayStation 4 models, for example the black 500 GB model. Sony has not yet commented on the issue, and no other similar message seems to have been observed in other regions. of the globe.

However, we are reminded that last month, the official PlayStation Direct store in the United States announced that it would no longer be restocked with PlayStation 4 Pro models. And come to think of it, it wouldn't be surprising to see Sony use its hammer to slap all the PlayStation 4s still on sale on the head to encourage the purchase of the PlayStation 5. And considering that PlayStation owners 4 continue to represent a significant market, PS4 games will be offered for a little while with the famous possibility of a free upgrade.

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