Sony Xperia Z3: focus on capturing photos and videos

Like its predecessors, the Sony Xperia Z3 is presented as a “photophone” and it has therefore been designed for all photographers, amateurs or experienced. On paper, its technical sheet is obviously very close to that of the Z2, but its manufacturer has all the same tweaked certain details in order to improve the quality of its shots . But what about the reality of the facts? This new comparison will allow you to see a little more clearly, since it once again compares the Z3 to the Z2 and to the Z1.

Before we start, we start with a little self-promotion. You may have already seen the video that you will find at the end of this article play, and this is perfectly normal since it was published a little earlier this morning on the Facebook page and on the Google+ page of the . And the good news (or not) is that I plan to do this for all my future videos.

Sony Xperia Z3 Focus On Capturing Photos And Videos

As indicated above, the technical sheet of the Xperia Z3 looks a lot like that of its predecessor on the photo part. According to the manufacturer's website , it offers an Exmor RS sensor of 20.7 million pixels, a G-Lens optics equivalent to a 25mm and a BIONZ processing chip. The routine, in short.

The other thing to know about the Z3 is that it applies exactly the same strategy as its predecessors and the shots captured in automatic mode will therefore not exceed 8 million pixels. Exactly like what Nokia offers with the PureView. To overcome this limit, it is imperative to switch to manual mode.

Note that all the photos included in the following video were taken in automatic mode, on all three terminals.

12,800 ISO and a better stabilizer

On the sidelines, Sony has also made some interesting adjustments. The Z3 is thus capable of increasing up to ISO 12,800 in automatic mode, and up to ISO 800 in manual mode. What does it mean ? Quite simply, it is supposed to perform better when the light is lacking. Behind, the firm took the opportunity to review some of its algorithms, and to improve its stabilizer.

All of that is great, but what does it actually look like?

In photos, the Xperia Z3 is capable of delivering excellent quality images, and it offers a rendering that has nothing to envy of digital compacts, except perhaps the very high end like the RX100 Mark III . Well, this is not surprising since it was already the case with the Z2.

Yes, but it ultimately goes a little further than the latter, in particular by offering better color reproduction. They are more neutral, less saturated. In addition, we also have better dynamics and it is ultimately more comfortable with high and low lights. The sharpness is not left out either and even if we are obviously very far from what it is possible to obtain with a reflex and quality optics, the Z3 is finally doing better than its competitors, and better than the LG G3 ( tested here ) or the HTC One M8 ( tested here ). Nothing to say either about its autofocus, which is both precise and fast .

Needless to say, the gap widens even more with the Z1.

So what about low light photos? It all depends on the environment. With artificial light in the area, the Z3 still manages to give the change. It is doing better than its competitors, anyway. Without, well we find ourselves facing very noisy images, with nasty artefacts as a bonus.

The opposite would have been surprising, all phones suffer when the light goes out.

I was also very surprised by the stabilizer built into the device. It is really very efficient, maybe a little more than that of the Z2. If you are used to making a lot of videos, you should appreciate it.

In short, you will understand, the results are very positive. The Z3 is doing like a chef and the application concocted by Sony is still as pleasant to use. So it's true, it may not go as far as the tool developed by Nokia, but its modular aspect is really very pleasant. But that, well, we'll talk about it again in the test.

The original photos are availablein my Dropbox , as usual.

And then ?

If you want to see a little more, I invite you to check out my previous video on the subject. A video that compares this time the lines and finishes of the Z3 to those of its predecessors. Everything is explained in this article .

I take this opportunity to point out to you that I have already started working on the next video which will this time relate to the speakers of the terminal, and to the quality of the sound reproduced.

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