Soon a Nintendo Switch Super Mario edition!

It was time ! Nintendo has just announced a new special edition of Nintendo Switch , an edition made in honor of the indecipherable Super Mario.

Expected for next month, more exactly on February 12, this new collector's edition of the Switch will therefore honor the little man with the red cap. And therefore to its colors.

Soon A Nintendo Switch Super Mario Edition
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Edition and its accessories

If the console will not change a bit, both in terms of form factor and technical sheet, it will have the merit of moving away from what we know in terms of colors.

A Nintendo Switch in the colors of Super Mario

Exit therefore the gray plastic a little sad, this special edition of the Switch will feature a beautiful bright red plastic. Plastic that will not extend to the edges of the screen, however. Here, Big N has preferred to play the card of caution and the console screen will always be surrounded by a thick black border.

Same punishment for the dock which will also turn to full red. And if it will not go frankly unnoticed once placed on the TV cabinet, it will at least have the merit of showing a little originality. Ditto for the controller.

The Nintendo Switch in the colors of Super Mario will indeed be accompanied by two Joy-Con a red as bright as that of the body of the console and its dock. However, this will not be the case with the accessory allowing the two controllers to be assembled. Nintendo has indeed opted for a light blue history to recall the overalls of our gardener-plumber.

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A very complete bundle

So why is this special edition only coming now? Wouldn't it have been better to launch it before the holiday season? No doubt, but Nintendo did not make this choice by chance. The month of February will also mark the arrival of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Switch. The title will also be released on February 12 and it will allow fans of the license to immerse themselves in new adventures.

It is therefore also a way for the firm to mark the occasion. It should also be noted that the proposed pack will be quite generous since it will also include a red and blue transport case, a cover on which will appear dozens of pictograms recalling the license.

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