Soon the return of the SD slot on MacBook Pros?

Apple reportedly intends to launch a new MacBook Pro this year. More powerful, this model should also mark the arrival of a whole new design , and maybe even a matte black dress . But if we are to believe Bloomberg , we should also expect the return of the SD slot.

Some of you may remember it, but the SD slot disappeared from MacBook Pros in 2016, when the brand decided to simplify the connections of its computers to the extreme in favor of Thunderbolt.

Soon the return of the SD slot on MacBook Pros?

A news that had not been greeted with joy by photographers and videographers.

The SD slot back on the next MacBook Pro?

Since then, of course, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and users have taken the plunge by investing in USB-C / SD drives or even outright Thunderbolt docking stations.

This year, as we know, should however mark a break in the history of the range. For the first time in a long time, Apple is reportedly planning to make changes to the chassis of its business laptop. Here, however, all the rumors do not point in the same direction. Some expect a thinner, more angular case, others expect minor changes.

One thing seems certain, this change of look will also be an opportunity for Apple to make a clean sweep of the past. The Touch Bar, for example, would not be used for this new model. On the other hand, you should expect slightly larger screens – at least for the smaller models – and a brand new Apple Silicon chip that is much more powerful.

The Thunderbolt still has a bright future ahead of it at Apple

Bloomberg, for its part, thinks that the brand should also take the opportunity to reintegrate an SD slot in the chassis of its computer.

So of course, the rest of the connection shouldn't move much. Apple has relied heavily on Thunderbolt and it would be very surprising to see connectors like HDMI or DisplayPort reappear, but the return of this SD slot would be a good compromise and it would undoubtedly make life easier for photographers and videographers who often go to the field and who do not necessarily always have an external reader on hand.

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