Sosandar Reviews in 2021

Sosandar Reviews in 2021

You were waiting for Sosandar?

We started Sosandar after 20 years working in fashion magazines, after hearing from women repeatedly the same complaints. Women like us want to make fashion feel sexy, feminine and chic at the same time.

Sosandar Reviews in 2021Sosandar Reviews

Women who wanted sleeves, but couldn’t find them, and longer durations. Who wanted flattering dresses that made it easy to dress and work for every opportunity. We understand that at weekends or ever you don’t want to wear boring clothes for work.

Sosandar Reviews in 2021Sosandar Reviews

You would like the latest trends in real life. In our in-house design studio each Sosandar design is created and produced in limited quantities because nobody wants to wear the same thing as everyone else. We make clothes in quality, work in them, play in them.

Sosandar Reviews video – interim results november 2019


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