Spartan: a screenshot and info for Microsoft's next browser

Microsoft will hold a special press conference at the end of the month to present the latest news related to Windows 10 . In the batch, it will perhaps be question of this famous house web browser which we hear about since the end of last year , and which responds to the code name Spartan . Fascinating, but there is even better because BGR apparently got their hands on a first capture of the beast, with some bonus info.

I know some of you are going to want to laugh watching this capture. No need to deny it. However, the thing to keep in mind is that development for Spartan has just started, and the browser is not even in alpha version.

Spartan A Screenshot And Info For Microsofts Next Browser

This is what Spartan might (note the conditional) look like.

What does it mean ? Simply that the interface of the application is not the priority for the team in charge of the project. For the moment, Microsoft developers must undoubtedly focus on the heart of the browser , and its rendering engine.

Voice instructions, and a nifty tool designed for developers

Still, the person who sent BGR this capture also mentioned some of its characteristics, and its specificities. Spartan would thus be perfectly able to understand the voice instructions and the user would only have to ask him to go to a site or to add a page to his favorites so that he complies obediently.

It wouldn't be surprising if Cortana had a role to play here as well.

In addition, Spartan could emulate competing web browsers and the Internet user would only have to press a button to view a site in four different windows, each corresponding to a specific browser. Typically the kind of function that should make developers and integrators happy, in short.

An audience that has never carried Internet Explorer in its heart. With good reason, moreover.


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